Round 11 Review – Men go 5-in-a-row!

Men make it 5 in a row!
As we head into the home straight for the season, many of our teams are being challenged in different ways and while victory is the ultimate prize, many winners emerged across the course of the weekend.
Notably, the achievement of Simon Bennett notching up 150 games for OCGAFC is remarkable. Not only has Simo been an integral part of our football, he is a central part of our club through the social activities he leads, the mentoring of younger players and the way he connects our club across all teams. I would personally like to thank him for his efforts and commitment and wish him well for the next 150!

Emilia Fuller’s dedication and efforts for the Women’s Teams on Saturday are also amazing. As Schwabby notes in his reports (and thank you Schwabby for coaching both sides on Saturday), Emilia played both games on Saturday and played great footy in both. I have been involved with the Women’s Teams from their inception and there is not a more committed, helpful and positive person at the club than Emilia. We are lucky to have you with us.

Finally our Senior Men’s Team’s win over Marcellin Collegians. You may recall I wrote earlier in the year that we had only beaten the Eagles a few times across the club’s history and to come away with the points away on Saturday was a testament to the grit and resolve developing in our Senior team. Congratulations to the boys and to Anson, Tim and Gavin who have been tireless in their efforts.

REALLY FINALLY – this Saturday is our last Super Saturday for 2018 and we want as many people to drop in as possible. The BBQ will be going from 12 noon, both canteens will be open, freshly ground coffee ready and afternoon tea will be served for a gold coin donation in the clubrooms at half time for the Women’s and Men’s Senior games. Bring your family, take a seat on the balcony or on the fence and enjoy the afternoon with our community.

Come on the Wells.

Adam Kyriacou


With a completely different side from when we first played St Mary’s, it was always going to be a tough assignment against the in-form team. They were at full strength whilst we had another 5 out from the previous week.

We started well with Meg giving us first use. Gabi, Sophie and Clare were dominating the clearances and Sam and Stef were keeping them at bay. As has been our story all year, we had all the play for most of the quarter but couldn’t get a goal. St Mary’s probably went forward 4 times for 3 goals and at quarter time we had reason to feel disappointed in the scoreboard but not the effort.

The next 2 quarters saw us hold them to a goal and at 3/4 time we trailed by 16 points. Unfortunately having only 1 interchange, we tired, especially around the contests. In the end we lost 7.7 to 2.5

Overall it was a game where the scoreboard did not reflect the effort and closeness of the game. In fact, we probably played some of our best football for the year. More importantly, many of the girls in their first season also stood up to the pressure and have shown continued improvement. We can certainly win more games before the season ends and, with a bit of luck get some players back. It’s quite incredible that with 24 injured or unavailable we could still field two sides.


  • Clare Wilson –  Gave us drive all day and never had a spell playing on ball for 4 quarters
  • Onballers Gabi and Sophie had plenty of the ball early, but with no bench, ran out of steam
  • Backs. Steph probably took her usual 12 intercept marks
  • Sam and Maggie continually repelled attacks
  • Tracey also made it hard for the opposition
  • Wingers.  Eva and Greta continue to improve
  • Forwards Amelia, Chelsea and El were dangerous all game and Izzie and Brig two of our smallest were sensational in their attack on the footy
  • Meg and Anna won the hit outs and improved their possession around the ground
  • A special thanks to Emilia Fuller for staying after her game and helping us out on the bench.

I have no doubt we probably played one of the grand finalists and I suppose having beaten them early in the year we will probably look back and think if only …

Goal Kickers: A. Sturrock, C. Dyer
Best Players: C. Wilson, A. Robison, M. Wilson, S. Defina, S. Bangs, S. Anjou

Ken Schwab & Andrew Romanin
Women’s Coaches


1 West Brunswick 10 10 0 0 0 0 539 170 317.06 40
2 St Mary’s Salesian 10 7 3 0 0 0 452 183 246.99 28
3 Monash Blues 10 6 3 1 0 0 321 196 163.78 26
4 Old Geelong 10 6 4 0 0 0 254 275 92.36 24
5 Collegians 10 4 5 1 0 0 228 328 69.51 18
6 Brunswick Renegades 10 4 6 0 0 0 201 266 75.56 16
7 Old Camberwell 10 2 8 0 0 0 189 378 50.00 8
8 Mazenod OC 10 0 10 0 0 0 198 586 33.79 0

Women ReservesAn undermanned Old Camberwell side played an experienced top side in St Marys. We only had 18 players, so for the first half we had no interchange. The girls fought bravely the first half without really threatening the scoreboard. We couldn’t break through their strong defence and despite winning many contests, we just didn’t have as much skill as the opposition to be rewarded for our hard work.

The second half saw us play 16 a side and this opened the game up. It should have worked to St.Mary’s advantage but we lifted and stemmed the flow of goals and they scored less in the second half. Finally we were rewarded for our perseverance, when Jane took a great mark and calmly slotted our only goal in the last quarter. It was just reward for our endeavour.

The game emphasised how far the girls have come this year as in our first encounter they managed over 40 shots at goal. This time the final score was 15-9 to 1.0, and even that score was not a true reflection of the game. It was more an indication of their ability to go forward and capitalise on their opportunities. I would say that 50% of the game was actually played between their half back line and ours.

Steph Elovaris – dominant across CHB with many intercepting marks
Jane Cunningham – rewarded for her efforts with great mark and goal- becoming a dangerous forward
Katie, Emilia and Lucy– gave contests on-ball all day and their endeavour was outstanding
Kate – rucked all day and never gave up
Kath– kicking in was a highlight and never stopped trying
Georgia– versatile and played many positions and worked hard all game.
Overall– despite the scoreboard it was a pleasing effort against one of the top 2 sides.

Goal Kickers: J. Cuningham
Best Players: G. Smith, L. Chesney, K. Mckenzie, E. Fuller, J. Cuningham, S. Elovaris

Alex Mackenzie
Women’s Reserves Coach


1 West Brunswick AFC 10 9 1 0 0 0 860 154 558.44 36
2 Old Geelong 10 8 2 0 0 0 767 114 672.81 32
3 St Mary’s Salesian 10 8 2 0 0 0 705 189 373.02 32
4 Brunswick Renegades 10 6 4 0 0 0 272 382 71.20 24
5 Collegians 9 3 6 0 0 0 195 607 32.13 12
6 Monash Blues 9 2 7 0 0 1 149 589 25.30 12
7 Old Camberwell Grammarians 10 2 8 0 0 0 130 614 21.17 8
8 Mazenod 10 1 9 0 0 0 139 577 24.09 4


The Wellers continued their amazing run to make it five wins in a row and sneak into the top four for the first time this season.

The first quarter started at a hectic pace with both sides coming into the game in very good form and looking to get an edge in this fierce rivalry. Marcellin struck early with some slick ball movement and an early goal however it wouldn’t be long before our boys began to get their running game going and  control general play. Nick Adamson (10 marks) was continuing his red hot form up front and a spring healed (some would saying flying) Nick Latsas (2 goals 5) was causing havoc up forward.

Marcellin battled to keep up with our pace and were remaining in the contest through for some wayward kicking at goal from us. They scored a late goal on the siren to gain back a little momentum and frustrate our boys after a dominant quarter.

The Eagles maintained that momentum and kick the next 4 goals of the quarter and hit the front with some aggressive football. It was well and truly game on. Our response was impressive with onballer leaders James Allen 33 possessions & Joey Arnold 26 (5 tackles) stemming the tide. We bounded back hard kicking the next 4 goals with Simon Bennett the highlight (playing in his 150th game) kicking a 50 mtr bomb just before the half time siren to take a 13 point lead into the break. The boys had absorbed a Marcellin charge and had responded in the best possible way.

Our boys to our game to another level in the second with Robbie & Kellan completely dominating the middle and youngsters Lachie PowellJosh Holding & speedster Robbie West making the most of their opportunities. Our opposition struggled to match clean and precise ball movement and attack on the footy and we extended our lead across the second half. It was great to see our boys carry our leader for the day Simon Bennett from the field very satisfied and more importantly hungry for more success.

Thanks to all helpers on the day especially Ken Darby who helped with our running duties.

Also great to see so many supporters getting into the winners rooms after the siren. See you all again next week at home. Our last Super Saturday for the club so help us make it a big Saturday for the Wellers.

Goal Kickers: N. Adamson 2, C. Hensby 2, N. Latsas 2, S. Powell 2, J. Holding 2, A. Brettingham-Moore, S. Bennett, J. Allen, R. West
Best Players: J. Arnold, S. Bennett, J. Holding, S. Powell, N. Adamson, N. Latsas

Anson Brownless
Men’s Senior Coach


1 Williamstown CYMS 11 10 1 0 0 0 1306 630 207.30 40
2 Fitzroy FC 11 9 2 0 0 0 1160 659 176.02 36
3 Old Camberwell Grammarians 11 7 4 0 0 0 961 879 109.33 28
4 Old Geelong 11 7 4 0 0 0 921 863 106.72 28
5 Marcellin OC 11 6 5 0 0 0 898 885 101.47 24
6 PEGS Football Club 11 6 5 0 0 0 844 857 98.48 24
7 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 11 4 7 0 0 0 977 978 99.90 16
8 Old Mentonians 11 3 8 0 0 0 832 1009 82.46 12
9 Peninsula 11 2 9 0 0 0 705 1176 59.95 8
10 St Mary’s Salesian 11 1 10 0 0 0 781 1449 53.90 4

Men Reserves

Our Ressies were coming off two heavy defeats against the top two ranked sides in the competition. This week we faced third placed Marcellin at the College, welcoming back Jase Edwards from long term injury & Alex Taverner joined us after a week away. A couple of really solid ‘ins’, combined with a  settled side, and a great build-up through the week at training, the boys were fired up for a return bout against our “local derby” rivals.

Once again, it is disappointing to report that we managed to concede another 5 goal start to a strong opposition. The boys, despite performing well in the warm-up fell back into some old habits – second to the ball, less than optimal defensive efforts, poor skill execution and apart from our first goal in Q.1 which was scored by Benny Williams on the run from the first centre clearance of the match, we failed to keep the scoreboard ticking over as we all would have wished.

A few home truths were espoused by the Coach at the first break with the boys being reminded that we appeared to be playing Marcellin in the same manner as we may have done back in our AGS competition days – constantly chasing and being bullied by them!

To the boys’ great credit, they responded well to the Coach’s urgings and lifted their effort around the contests, winning consistently. A match day highlight was Ollie Lloyd’s “hanger” taken early in Q4, however the outcome of the set shot on goal didn’t match the initial effort, with only a behind scored from the kick.

Our biggest issue so far this season has been our inability to score goals. Thus far, after 11 games, we have scored 75 goals to the oppositions’ 104 goals. 20 of our Goals Scored are from garks. We desperately need our players to be willing and able, and hungry enough to want to kick goals.

We will continue to focus our training around improving our kicking, our marking and our tackling effectiveness. This will enable us to control the ball for longer ensuring that our forward entries are deeper and to our team mate’s advantage.

The team’s attention turns to Old Mentonians this week. They will not be a pushover, having score 7 goals against Peninsula last week, pushing them all afternoon. Have a strong week on the track this week boys and we’ll look forward to improving our Win/Loss ratio this Saturday.

Goal Kickers: B. Williams 2, M. Schumann, A. Bongiorno
Best Players: M. Schumann, A. Bongiorno, O. Lloyd, T. Vogel, B. Williams, T. Eastick

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach


1 Fitzroy FC 11 10 1 0 0 0 1113 383 290.60 40
2 Old Geelong 11 10 1 0 0 0 1018 401 253.87 40
3 Williamstown CYMS 11 8 2 1 0 0 1051 447 235.12 34
4 Marcellin OC 11 7 3 1 0 0 829 514 161.28 30
5 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 11 5 6 0 0 0 859 716 119.97 20
6 Old Camberwell Grammarians 11 5 6 0 0 0 541 742 72.91 20
7 PEGS Football Club 11 4 7 0 0 0 726 682 106.45 16
8 St Mary’s Salesian 11 3 8 0 0 0 663 839 79.02 12
9 Peninsula 11 2 9 0 0 0 468 994 47.08 8
10 Old Mentonians 11 0 11 0 0 0 244 1811 13.47 0



After being beaten narrowly in a game we should have won earlier in the year, the Thirds were raring to go against PEGS. As shown by a dominant first quarter, where we were able to kick four goals and have the majority of possession, it was exciting football! Our second quarter also showed what we can do with ball in hand and the boys proved themselves strong in the contest and in defence. Although they were able to kick a couple to narrow our lead to just 4 points into the main break, the boys were confident of producing strong, competitive football to get the boys across the line.

Unfortunately, the third quarter produced one of our most disappointing performances to date, with PEGS kicking five goals to our nothing. While the boys toiled hard in the fourth, it was clear that we lacked the depth and drive to win the game.

While it was a very disappointing loss, key players stood up throughout the day. Christian Gorman had another dominant day until a hit to the shin ruled him out of the second half. Jono Elliot had an enormous day, covering a great deal of the ground at centre half forward and continually providing an option all around throughout the middle and forward line. Pat Dennis and Steve Richards both toiled hard in the midfield and Steven Cunningham continued on his consistent season again with another solid game.

While the loss was particularly bitter, we look forward to the challenge of playing Old Geelong in front of a packed house at 9:20 this week at GBO.

Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach


1 St Bernards 11 9 2 0 0 0 1098 572 191.96 36
2 Old Carey 10 6 3 1 1 0 803 520 154.42 30
3 Marcellin OC 11 6 4 1 0 0 778 829 93.85 26
4 Mazenod 11 6 5 0 0 0 719 715 100.56 24
5 Old Geelong 11 5 6 0 0 0 694 779 89.09 20
6 P E G S 11 4 6 1 0 0 667 675 98.81 18
7 St Mary’s Salesian 11 3 7 1 0 0 617 977 63.15 14
8 Old Camberwell Grammarians 10 2 8 0 0 1 480 802 59.85 12

Simon Bennett – 150 Games

150 Games – Simon Bennett
The Wellers community congratulate ‘Simo’ on achieving this significant Club milestone. A mainstay of our Senior XV111, he was first selected at this level in the 2010 Finals Series, having graduated from the Club’s successful junior development program which netted an Under 19s premiership in 2009.

A past Seniors Best & Fairest winner in 2013, ‘Simo’ has been the recipient of a number of Club awards for both on-field and off-field performances. Simon also represented the VAFA in 2012, playing for the C-D4 team against the Eastern Football League.

Highly regarded by all who come into contact with him, we wish Simon well for the next 150!!

Round 10 Review

Men make it 4 in a row!
It’s almost midwinter and there was plenty of evidence of that as the wind and rain lashed our respective games across Melbourne. With our Women playing away at Brunswick, our three Men’s Teams battled it out at GBO.All teams wore the black armbands as a mark of respect after the passing of David Steven and I know all our teams understood the significance of his contribution to our football club. We didn’t achieve the results we wanted but if you read through the reports, you’ll see each game was marked with genuine effort, often against the odds due to injury.

Perhaps fittingly, our Seniors steeled themselves for a tight contest against 3rdplaced Old Geelong and recorded a stirring victory to continue their fine run.

It was great to see so many past players at the games and with the season over halfway, we’d love to see you down this season.

Come on the Wells.


Before we get to the results etc it’s just amazing that we could still field two competitive sides with 21 unavailable or injured. Great effort girls. Always proud of what you give to this club and each other.

Our match against Brunswick was typical of our year. A narrow loss, missed opportunities and another major injury. Unfortunately Lou Andersonsuffered a bad dislocation and break of her finger and is out for the year- another hand injury about our 4th 5th or 6th- lost count.

We kicked with the aid of a 3 goal breeze in the first quarter and despite having most of the play,  managed a 2 goal break at quarter time. Chelsea was a great target up forward and we were winning most of the contested ball. A great goal by Ella Taverner was just reward for all our efforts and we went in with a lead at quarter time.

The second quarter was a hard slog against a strong breeze but we managed to hold Brunswick most of the quarter. A lucky snap and they were within a point at half time. The backline had been superb for most of the quarter. At half time we had matched their physical strength and a plea was made to the umpires to reward and protect both teams, as many decisions were missed and both sides were frustrated.

The third quarter summed up our year. Despite having all the play we couldn’t capitalise and Brunswick kicked the only goal in the last minute – a freak snap that somehow went through. We had managed 7 points and 2 ‘out on the fulls’ from all our scoring opportunities.

The final quarter was going to be a real slog as the breeze had picked up and we only led by 3 points. Despite a great defensive effort we lost the lead at about the 15 minute mark, and not really being able to penetrate into the breeze it really was a matter of time before Brunswick scored. They kicked one more just before the siren to finish on 5-2-32 to our 2-10-22.

The feeling was pretty flat after the game as once again we had our opportunities to win, but just lacked the finish. Can’t be disappointed in the effort, but certainly with the result. The rest of the year is really about improving individually, and as a team. This year has been hard as we have had significant injuries and are playing sides with more experience and skill than last year.

Better performances on Saturday.

Backline- Anjou and Steph Defina were brilliant all day repelling many attacks. Little Brig was ferocious in her attack and played on much taller stronger opposition.

Midfield- Meg and Anna won their share of the contests and SophieSara and Claire were our best on ballers all day. Mention to Sara who we unfortunately lose for most of the year now. She has been a tireless rover and a great acquisition to the side. Izzy was probably the best of our wingers, very determined and ran hard all day.

Goal Kickers: E. Taverner, C. Dyer
Best Players: S. Bangs, S. Anjou, S. Defina, C. Dyer, B. Howell, I. Burke

Ken Schwab & Andrew Romanin
Women’s Coaches


1 West Brunswick 9 9 0 0 0 0 510 152 335.53 36
2 St Mary’s Salesian 9 6 3 0 0 0 403 167 241.32 24
3 Monash Blues 9 6 3 0 0 0 295 170 173.53 24
4 Old Geelong 9 6 3 0 0 0 236 246 95.93 24
5 Collegians 9 4 5 0 0 0 202 302 66.89 16
6 Brunswick Renegades 9 3 6 0 0 0 156 235 66.38 12
7 Old Camberwell 9 2 7 0 0 0 173 329 52.58 8
8 Mazenod OC 9 0 9 0 0 0 167 541 30.87 0

Women ReservesAfter the week off the team was excited to get back in to the swing of things against the 4th placed Brunswick Renegades at Gillon Oval.

In the first quarter we kicked against the breeze and started slowly as Brunswick kicked away with 3 goals as there midfield and forwards managed to get space and get goal side. After the first 15 minutes, we started to work our way back in to the game as we were more accountable.

The second quarter saw us create plenty of opportunities as we had 4 scoring shots and the majority of the play which resulted in Alex Sertic kicking her first goal. Despite controlling the play with the work of Steph E, Georgia S, Jane C, Eva and Emilia through the middle and Kate and Sav in the ruck, we couldn’t get more than the 1 goal and trailed by 12 points at the main break. Prue and Alex Osborne made plenty of space and worked hard to provide options in the forward line.

The second half we came out strong and despite the great work of our backs, we were unable to contain the Brunswick forwards as they again managed to kick 3 goals for the quarter, managing to break some tackles as well as get the aid of the breeze. Despite the great defensive work of Hannah, Greta, Kath, Dale and Tracey, who had worked hard all day to stop Brunswick getting too many easy possessions.

Trailing by 32 points going into the last quarter, we knew we would have to throw everything at the opposition and when we managed to kick 2 goals in the first 10 minutes with Eva and Jane both finishing off some great work There was real excitement in the team with Sarah, Jade and Laura continued their hard running and work across the wings. Unfortunately Brunswick responded with a goal of their own and we could only manage another 3 points despite having controlled the quarter.
Whilst disappointing to not get the win – it was great to see the fight and spirit of the team.
Again a thanks to all those that helped out on the day and to the supporters that came down as well – it was great to see past players supporting the team.

We look forward to taking on St Mary’s this week at home.

Goal Kickers: A. Sertic, J. Cuningham, E. Fisher
Best Players: A. Sertic, E. Fuller, J. Cuningham, G. Kaehne, E. Fisher, G. Smith

Alex Mackenzie
Women’s Reserves Coach


1 Old Geelong 9 8 1 0 0 0 734 70 1048.57 32
2 West Brunswick AFC 9 8 1 0 0 0 816 121 674.38 32
3 St Mary’s Salesian 9 7 2 0 0 0 606 183 331.15 28
4 Brunswick Renegades 9 5 4 0 0 0 254 366 69.40 20
5 Monash Blues 8 2 6 0 0 1 135 548 24.64 12
6 Collegians 8 2 6 0 0 0 154 593 25.97 8
7 Old Camberwell Grammarians 9 2 7 0 0 0 124 515 24.08 8
8 Mazenod 9 1 8 0 0 0 123 559 22.00 4


Coming off a win against second placed Fitzroy, the question was always going to be: would momentum be lost through the bye weekend?

With Spider Huntsman making his debut, and Andrew Parker returning to the seniors for his first game of the season, the team appeared very focussed during the warm-up, despite the cold and windy conditions.
It was evident early that the boys had come to play.  Fraser Wells kicked accurately after a strong mark, and Camberwell  was dominating possession.  Despite the game being played in our half, inaccurate kicking combined with three opposition goals saw us trail by three points at the first break.

However, there was a genuine confidence in the huddle that we could match it with our third placed opponents.  This was vindicated by a strong second quarter performance, which saw us ramp up the pressure on the opposition ball carriers.  Fierce tackling by Harry CrothersJosh Holdingand Kellan Percy limited the supply to their outside runners, and when the ball did break free Joe Arnold and Jimmy Allen created many opportunities for our forwards.  The highlight of the three goal to one quarter was a sensational left foot snap by Chook Hensby who was again leading the way with sublime skills.

Looking to build on the seven point half time lead the boys broke the game open in the third quarter.  The defence was superb, with the run of Rob Deev and Lachie Powell complementing the strength and strong marking of Simon BennettCam Wilson and Mitch Smith. We added three goals for the quarter while restricting OGGS to a solitary behind.  Nick Adamson and Nick Latsas were dangerous up forward, both marking everything that came their way.

Despite some nervous moments we were able to kick two critical goals in the last through Ado and Chook Hensby, and ran out winners by 14 points.

This was a well deserved win highlighted by an ability to follow the game plan and a contribution by all 22 players, each willing to play his role.  A special mention to our five “cubs” (from last year’s Under 19’s) – Josh Holding, Kellan Percy, Will Dalrymple, Lachie Powell and Robbie West, who collectively had their best game for the year and have become an important part of the team.

The result – four consecutive wins, but the challenges keep coming, with a visit to fourth placed Marcellin this week.  A win over the Eagles would be rewarded by a place in the top four, and would represent a third consecutive win over a top four side.  Our recent good form has shown we can match it with any team, and has built a strong belief amongst the group, but the sign of a good side is one that can produce at a high level week after week.  So we need to go out and perform like a good side and take it right up to Marcellin.

Goal Kickers: N. Adamson 4, C. Hensby 2, J. Holding 2, F. Wells, W. Dalrymple, N. Latsas
Best Players: C. Hensby, N. Adamson, J. Holding, K. Percy , F. Wells, J. Allen

Gavin Powell
Men’s Assistant Coach


1 Williamstown CYMS 10 9 1 0 0 0 1228 558 220.07 36
2 Fitzroy FC 10 8 2 0 0 0 1080 583 185.25 32
3 Old Geelong 10 7 3 0 0 0 845 783 107.92 28
4 Marcellin OC 10 6 4 0 0 0 837 786 106.49 24
5 Old Camberwell Grammarians 10 6 4 0 0 0 862 818 105.38 24
6 PEGS Football Club 10 5 5 0 0 0 746 805 92.67 20
7 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 10 4 6 0 0 0 905 899 100.67 16
8 Old Mentonians 10 3 7 0 0 0 779 940 82.87 12
9 Peninsula 10 1 9 0 0 0 635 1123 56.54 4
10 St Mary’s Salesian 10 1 9 0 0 0 729 1351 53.96 4

Men Reserves

The boys rolled back to GBO after the Long Weekend Bye Round which enabled us to recharge our batteries following the first 9 rounds all played after the Easter break.

We had some significant Outs from the game played against Fitzroy, most notably Matty “The Mail Man” Cottrell who became a father for the second time around, the Club most certainly securing a silky skilled Half Back Flanker from the 2036 Camberwell Grammar Year 12 school leavers. Geez I hope I’m around to see that Cotters!! Seriously congratulations mate to you and your lovely wife, having now extended the family to 4 and making Grandpa very happy that the Cottrell flock continues to grow.
We also lost Will Kanz (injury), Chris Young (overseas holiday), and of note we saw two of our better performed players this season earn promotion to the Seniors in Andy Parker and Jon Huntsman (senior debut). We are extremely proud to see our 7th & 8th player promoted to the Senior team this season, a strong sign that our Club’s player development program is working well for the senior team.

We also welcomed back Matt Powell from a long term injury that saw him miss the entire 2017 season. Matt has worked extremely hard to get himself into the position to return to footy and have an impact early into his post recovery period. Well done Matty, we are all extremely proud to see you back in the Wellers jumper!

We also promoted Matt Todd from the Third XV111 after a series of strong performances for Ebbo’s side.

Our theme for today’s game was not surprisingly “Operation Tackle”! Last time we played the OGs at Como earlier this year they took the ball off us in the first quarter & refused to give it back to us until later in the final quarter. We needed our boys to bring their strongest mindset based around tackle pressure, at maximum levels for as long as possible.

Whilst it is pleasing to report that our boys did lay some strong tackles that certainly raised the focus on making our opposition earn every kick, our scoreline did not begin to tick over until early in the third quarter. We took some solace in the fact that we had been able to keep the opposition to 7 goals, through some very fine defensive work by Charlie Urwin, Tom Eastick, Ben Mann, Ben Warburton & co. Those efforts weren’t always met by our efforts up the ground as we continued to miss targets by foot and more importantly failing to hold onto marks, especially when it really counted.

OGs are a very good counter attacking side, & they are quite happy to see the ball in their high defensive area, where they get their best ball users back and look to “slingshot” the ball from that part of the ground. Once they get the ball moving it travels very quickly into our defensive area.

After some deep reflection by the team at the long break & with some minor tweaking of the team setup, the boys were encouraged to play on instinct and to not over think their actions. It certainly worked as we were able to 4 goals to their 3 after half time, enabling us to regain some pride from our efforts.

We will continue to work hard on the defensive side of our game over the coming weeks and we will be highly regarded by the comp as a tackling machine by season’s end, so lookout everyone, here come the Wellers to finish the back half of the season on a super, sound note.
Goal Kickers: O. Lloyd, J. Wilson, M. Jenkin, M. Todd
Best Players: A. Bongiorno, M. Powell, M. Hook, T. Vogel, O. Lloyd, B. Warburton

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach


1 Fitzroy FC 10 10 0 0 0 0 1064 324 328.40 40
2 Old Geelong 10 9 1 0 0 0 959 352 272.44 36
3 Williamstown CYMS 10 7 2 1 0 0 941 419 224.58 30
4 Marcellin OC 10 6 3 1 0 0 749 479 156.37 26
5 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 10 5 5 0 0 0 831 606 137.13 20
6 Old Camberwell Grammarians 10 5 5 0 0 0 506 662 76.44 20
7 PEGS Football Club 10 4 6 0 0 0 679 625 108.64 16
8 St Mary’s Salesian 10 2 8 0 0 0 606 792 76.52 8
9 Peninsula 10 1 9 0 0 0 373 948 39.35 4
10 Old Mentonians 10 0 10 0 0 0 198 1716 11.54 0


On a day with mixed weather forecasts, Old Camberwell arrived full of gusto and eagerness for the day’s challenge. For the first time in a while we would play a team of equal measure, with our opponents having only won the one game. However, a lack of intensity in the contest and turnovers through the midfield meant that for the first quarter, we were comprehensively outplayed and beaten. However, credit to the boys they fought back to be in a reasonable position going into the first break.
After a bit of a rev up from the coach, the boys responded in the second and third terms, matching St Mary’s intensity and we were able to maintain possession for much of both quarters. However, poor forward entries and goal kicking meant that we would still be behind going into the final term.
At this stage, the wind picked up and St Marys were able to kick two early goals to seal the deal. Credit must go to the boys who responded to a pretty sad coach at the first break and who fought hard right to the end. Amongst our best were Matt Tesoriero, who did a magnificent job in the backline; while Christian Gorman and Richie McDonald provided plenty of drive out of the midfield and led the charge to ensure we were back into the contest. Lachie Bannister also finished with three classy goals in one of his best performances for the year.
While disappointed with the result, we play PEGS this week in a very winnable game away.Goal Kickers: L. Bannister 3, C. Gorman, S. Richards
Best Players: C. Gorman, M. Tesoriero, R. McDonald, P. Dennis, S. Richards, C. MacCallumWe still welcome more players to sign up! Last chance before 30th June.  You can sign up here: FootyWeb

Or contact Ben for more info:
0418 123 419

Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach


1 St Bernards 10 8 2 0 0 0 998 515 193.79 32
2 Old Carey 9 6 2 1 1 0 765 442 173.08 30
3 Marcellin OC 10 5 4 1 0 0 643 781 82.33 22
4 Old Geelong 10 5 5 0 0 0 646 644 100.31 20
5 Mazenod 10 5 5 0 0 0 641 677 94.68 20
6 P E G S 10 3 6 1 0 0 607 647 93.82 14
7 St Mary’s Salesian 10 3 6 1 0 0 560 877 63.85 14
8 Old Camberwell Grammarians 9 2 7 0 0 1 452 742 60.92 12


Vale David John Steven

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the passing of David Steven, much loved son of John and Audrey, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend and to the OCGAFC community, a favourite, loyal son who will be truly missed and warmly remembered by his teammates and all who he met at our football club. Our thoughts and condolences go to his family during this difficult time.

David’s first game was round 1 with the Seniors in 1974. He went on to play 208 games, 198 with the Senior Team and 10 with the Reserves, across 13 seasons. These were some of the most successful years in Old Camberwell’s history with David playing in two Premierships in 1978 (D Grade) and 1982 (C Grade). There were many individual honours including the Best & Fairest he jointly won in the 1982, captaincy of the Seniors in 1979, 1980, 1983 and 1985 and being named in the Team of the Century in 2010. He went on to serve on the club committee for several years and was Secretary in 1986. David was made a Life Member of OCGAFC in 1987.

When speaking with teammates this week, it was clear that his most treasured moments were playing and celebrating alongside his mates, supporting them on and off the field and being a true clubman in every sense.

In memory of David and to celebrate what he stood for, the Club, former players and our coterie group, the Wellsmen, have decided to create the David Steven Medal. This will be presented to the best afield for our Men’s and Women’s 1st XVIII on the day of the annual Wellsmen lunch at GBO. Each year, we will ask one of David’s family or teammates to present the medals and share a little about him and Old Camberwell.

Like me, many currently at OCGAFC did not know Dave well but he left a lasting impression on us with his passion, laughter, warmth, and interest in our future, particularly our Women’s Teams, and his love of our football club. A few weeks ago he wrote to me and his words speak for themselves:

Dear Adam,

Thank you for your kind words. Good luck for this weekend’s Super Saturday. I’m not sure when your lunch is on but if you’d kindly let me know I’ll be sure to miss it!  🙂

There has not been one day when a club member, life member or ex team member hasn’t dropped in which has made me realise the importance of investing one’s time into such an important tradition.

But hey, if I miss this year I’ll be there next year.  :/

Thanks again for your kind words.




A service to celebrate his life will be held in the Camberwell Room, Camberwell Grammar School, Mont Albert Road, Camberwell (enter via Gate 3 or Gate 5) on Friday, 15th of June at 10.00 a.m.

Round 9 Review

No Hangover after the GALA
After a superb night the previous Saturday, it was back to the football with a host of tough matches for all teams. Our Thirds were the only team at home and played the top side Old Carey on the main GBO deck. Our Women were away at Clayton for their games against top four side Monash Blues and our Men’s Ones and Twos were also away to top side Fitzroy. Plenty of challenges but none we weren’t looking forward to and didn’t take on with great determination and belief.

We recorded two stunning victories for OCGAFC that deserve the limelight.

Our Womens Twos came from 2 goals down at 3 quarter time to storm to victory and record their second win of the season. Well played girls and well done Macca for your work with the team.

Our Mens Ones led all day against the top side, Fitzroy FC, to capture a stunning, hard fought victory to prove we can match it with anyone in Premier C when we play together. Congratulations to all and well done to Anson and Tim who are putting everything into the season.

I know from talking with the coaches, all teams played some great footy during their games and have plenty to work on for their next encounters. I will be providing a mid-season review of where we are as a Club this Friday heading into the Queen’s Birthday bye and long weekend but needless to say, we can all be proud of how we’ve played and carried ourselves for the first half of the 2018 season. We can also improve and will work incredibly hard to ensure we continue to make the Club a place where all are welcome.

Go Wellers.


Blessed again with perfect conditions, the boys arrived with plenty of spark and a willingness to provide redemption against a most formidable opponent. However, being hampered by numbers meant that the game was always going to be tough affair. Nonetheless the boys relished the opportunity to play on the main oval and went into quarter time only a goal down and very much in the contest. Unfortunately, our second quarter wasn’t at the required level and Old Carey were able to kick well ahead going into the main break. That said, the boys hung in, out playing Old Carey for much of the second half.

Steve Cunningham again led from the front, along with Christian Gorman and Matt Todd, who all stood up in important moments and provided direction and leadership when it mattered most. George Vitinaros was instrumental up forward, kicking five goals in a dominant display at full forward; while Richie McDonald and Tyler Phelps also plied their trade, improving every game and providing plenty of drive through the midfield and up forward for much of the day.

Unfortunately the boys ran out of run and in turn were unable to turn the tables this week; however, their spirit and courage was most impressive and they are starting to play some really good footy! I know the boys are looking forward to a week off this week to recharge the batteries before we go again into the second half of the year.

Goal Kickers: 
G. Vitinaros 5, M. McPherson 2, L. Bannister
Best Players: S. Cunningham, R. McDonald, G. Vitinaros, T. Phelps, M. Tesoriero, M. Todd

We still welcome more players to sign up!  You can sign up here: FootyWeb

Or contact Ben for more info:
0418 123 419

Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach


1 St Bernards 9 7 2 0 0 0 893 501 178.24 28
2 Old Carey 8 5 2 1 1 0 690 377 183.02 26
3 Marcellin OC 9 5 3 1 0 0 578 705 81.99 22
4 Mazenod 9 5 4 0 0 0 626 572 109.44 20
5 Old Geelong 9 4 5 0 0 0 563 587 95.91 16
6 P E G S 9 3 5 1 0 0 550 564 97.52 14
7 Old Camberwell Grammarians 8 2 6 0 0 1 445 686 64.87 12
8 St Mary’s Salesian 9 2 6 1 0 0 504 840 60.00 10


WomenAfter witnessing a sensational win by the twos, our First Women’s team were ready to take on the 2nd top side Monash. They kicked with a slight advantage and our deep backline IZZIE, MAGGIE and MICHELLE held them out on numerous times. Monash were having trouble getting clear entries as we held them to 3 points for the quarter.

The second quarter was our turn to take control. With ANNA and SAV doing well in the ruck we were able to win plenty of the ball out of the middle. CLARESARA and in particular RHIANNON were constantly sending us forward , where new girl CHELSEA was presenting up forward. Unfortunately after having several clear opportunities in front of goal we were unable to score a major. At half time we trailed 4 points to 3 points, despite having more of the play than Monash.

As has happened in several games this year, we had our lapse and Monash were able to pile on 4 goals in the third quarter, similar to last time we played them. GABIEdi and GRETA in her first game, were doing everything across half back to stem the tide, but unfortunately Monash were too strong in this quarter. Our pressure had dropped off significantly.

The final term saw Monash put a couple behind play, and despite having the ball in our forward half for the whole quarter, we just couldn’t score a goal. We definitely need some work on making the most of our forward entries, especially against the better opposition we are facing this year. Too many times we let ourselves down with poor disposal in front of goal and kicking into a crowded forward line.

Despite the loss, once again we managed to match a good side for 3 and a half quarters. Another win is around the corner, especially with a few significant inclusions back in the side.

Our better players. SOPHIE Bangs ran hard all day on her wing creating many forward entries. RHIANNON won numerous possessions and her kicking long distances set up several scoring opportunities. The backline, as mentioned were excellent and special mention to GRETA in her first game and GABI who played her best game for the year. Overall it was disappointing to lose after a great first half, but we should have the confidence to know we can match it with any opposition this year. Keep working on skills and we will practise some of our structures over the next few weeks. Thanks to all those who stayed to support and those who helped in freezing conditions. Very much appreciated.

Ken Schwab & Andrew Romanin
Women’s Coaches


1 West Brunswick 8 8 0 0 0 0 462 128 360.94 32
2 Monash Blues 8 6 2 0 0 0 271 122 222.13 24
3 Old Geelong 8 6 2 0 0 0 227 197 115.23 24
4 St Mary’s Salesian 7 4 3 0 0 0 240 144 166.67 16
5 Collegians 8 3 5 0 0 0 151 281 53.74 12
6 Brunswick Renegades 8 2 6 0 0 0 124 213 58.22 8
7 Old Camberwell 8 2 6 0 0 0 151 297 50.84 8
8 Mazenod OC 7 0 7 0 0 0 132 376 35.11 0


Women ReservesAs we headed out to Monash to take on the 5th placed Monash there was optimism as we looked to secure our second win of the year. Despite having had a tough week the week before, as a team we had continued to improve and we spoke out continuing to show our intensity as well as ensuring that we worked on our structures.

In the first quarter we started strongly as we tackled strongly and worked hard all around the ground. Our midfield was working hard at both ends of the ground, whilst our defence had their hands full with some tall forwards who led and marked well. Our forwards were busy as well however were only able to convert for 1 point, whilst the oppposition had managed to kick 1 goal. Our midfield Steph EGeorgia S, Lucy and Emila all set the tone for how they would play out the game as they picked up possessions and were ferocious in their pressure and also worked hard to push forward.

The second term saw us again only manage the 1 point despite having plenty of play as our wings of Eliza and Sarah showed great defensive pressure as well as ensuring that we kept the ball moving, while Laura worked hard and continued to pick up possessions and ensure that she was first to the contest.  While in defence we were again strong with each of the team making sure that they were accountable.

The main change saw us looking to still get our first goal for the game despite having much of the ball in our forward line we were unable to finish off all the hard work. The team came out firing and again began to get more ball in the forward line. When the ball moved its way in to the forward pocket and Georgia W picked it up and snapped on the outside of her right foot to kick our first goal for the day. The team rallied around her and the spirits lifted as we knew we were in the hunt. Our defence was superb with Rosie, Kath, Hannah, Bridget, Dale, Jo and Nicki all having fantastic games as they locked down the opposition who could only manage the 1 point.

At the last change trailing by 11 points we spoke about having belief and continuing to run and work hard for each other. We came out slowly but started to work our way in to the quarter as our run and carry along with our kicking starting to find our targets. When we managed to kick a goal and cut the margin to 4 points we could hear the crowd cheering as the girls looked to drive the ball forward again. When we finish off our hard work again with another goal and took a two point lead the team knew that they had to dig deep with 3 minutes left on the clock as our forwards of Prue, Eva, Alex S, Katie, Georgia W and Carly and our onballers who rotated through all showed great composure to finish off our hard work as well as ensure that the ball didn’t come out. The last 3 minutes was nail biting as the ball spent most of the time in the oppositions forward 50 but our defence stood strong as did Kate H in the ruck who was enormous in her second half rucking efforts and we held on to take victory by 2 points.

It was a sensational win by the team as every player contributed to the win and it was great to see all the 1’s players and supporters cheering the team on in the final minutes. Outside of getting rewarded with a win it was also fantastic to see the attitude to come from behind to win as well as the continued improvement.

Thanks to all the supporters, Jackson for running, Sam Anjou for boundary, Alex Song for goals and to all the players for what was a great victory. We look forward to the week off but also for the next game.

Alex Mackenzie
Women’s Reserves Coach


1 Old Geelong 8 8 0 0 0 0 722 52 1388.46 32
2 West Brunswick AFC 8 7 1 0 0 0 685 121 566.12 28
3 St Mary’s Salesian 7 5 2 0 0 0 511 169 302.37 20
4 Brunswick Renegades 8 4 4 0 0 0 207 342 60.53 16
5 Monash Blues 7 2 5 0 0 1 135 417 32.37 12
6 Old Camberwell Grammarians 8 2 6 0 0 0 100 468 21.37 8
7 Mazenod 7 1 6 0 0 0 115 417 27.58 4
8 Collegians 7 1 6 0 0 0 89 587 15.16 4



The Wellers saluted a stirring away win to make it 3 in a row at the famous Brunswick Street Oval on a fine winter’s afternoon.

From the outset our boys showed they had come to play, excited by the challenge that lay ahead and more importantly, keen to test their recent form against quality opposition. Fitzroy had a point to prove after being stung by their first loss for the season against PEGS the previous Saturday and were desperate to assert their authority early in the game on their historic home deck.

The first quarter was played at a frenetic pace with our boys matching their more fancied opponents with enormous pressure at every contest. Fitzroy were struggling to generate any clean possessions forward due mainly to our back six led by Bennett and Deev who again and again cut off any wayward attacks. From the first bounce Robbie Campbell was dominant in the middle and finished with 30 odd hit outs. Skipper Ben Hart’s scintillating form continued with 33 touches and Chris Hensby’s  26 possessions and 2 goals were standout across our midfield.  Forwards Nick Adamson (2 goals ) & Nick Latsas (3 goals) were dangerous early and remained so all day.

The Second & Third quarters were totally enthralling as both sides did not giving an inch and we were determined to prove we could match it with the best in the competition. Contest after contest proved we could.

We start the last quarter holding a slender 4 point advantage in what was an incredibly tight contest. It was our biggest test of the season in front of a large & vocal home crowd and I am pleased to say our Wellers boys stood up and to come away with our best win for the season. We broke clear in the last to win with 25 point margin and every point was hard earned.

This was our finest team effort for the year with everyone giving their all for a full 4 quarter performance. Cheers Cheers was belted out with great gusto and we washed our dry throats down with a few well deserved refreshments.

Thanks to all supporters who travelled on the day and we hope to see you all again on June 16th at Gordon Barnard vs Old Geelong after a Queen’s Birthday bye. It would be fantastic to get a good home crowd to another critical game so spread the word and come down.

Goal Kickers: 
N. Latsas 3, C. Hensby 2, N. Adamson 2, A. Taverner, R. Campbell, C. Wilson, H. Crothers, S. Powell
Best Players: S. Bennett, B. Hart, J. Allen, N. Adamson, C. Hensby, K. Percy

Anson Brownless
Men’s Coach


1 Williamstown CYMS 9 8 1 0 0 0 1088 514 211.67 32
2 Fitzroy FC 9 7 2 0 0 0 899 541 166.17 28
3 Old Geelong 9 7 2 0 0 0 784 708 110.73 28
4 Marcellin OC 9 5 4 0 0 0 784 744 105.38 20
5 Old Camberwell Grammarians 9 5 4 0 0 0 787 757 103.96 20
6 PEGS Football Club 9 5 4 0 0 0 704 753 93.49 20
7 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 9 3 6 0 0 0 777 842 92.28 12
8 Old Mentonians 9 3 6 0 0 0 735 799 91.99 12
9 St Mary’s Salesian 9 1 8 0 0 0 687 1170 58.72 4
10 Peninsula 9 1 8 0 0 0 578 995 58.09 4

Men Reserves

Round 9 saw us move to the Brunswick Street Oval in Fitzroy to meet the top of the table, Fitzroy who have taken all before them this season having spent a number of seasons playing Premier B.

We certainly went into the game displaying some solid winning form, however we were under no illusion that the opposition would be the toughest we had encountered this season so far.

It didn’t take the team long to realise just how high the mountain was to climb if we were to overcome the quality opposition presented and we were able to take some comfort from the fact that the quarter time margin was a solitary behind having scored a couple of hard won goals against a 1 goal 7 behinds score line.

In reality, whilst our pressure at the source was strong and focused, our ability to sustain the effort required was destined to test us and so it was that we were only able to manage a four-goal afternoon, three of these coming from free kicks to the opposition’s 17 goal score line.

Disappointing to say the least, the only salvation being, I think that we probably saw ourselves at our worst – wanting to give the footy up every time we were challenged by handballing to a team mate who was under an equal amount of pressure, or worse still, fall over!

We have the benefit of a week off to recharge the batteries, but then we face the other super star team in the comp, Old Geelong. How will we front up for that contest? Will the Fitzroy match prove to be our “line in the sand moment” or will we go through the motions for the remaining big matches and simply hope to win the games we should win?
Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach


1 Fitzroy FC 9 9 0 0 0 0 927 320 289.69 36
2 Old Geelong 9 8 1 0 0 0 883 324 272.53 32
3 Williamstown CYMS 9 6 2 1 0 0 746 413 180.63 26
4 Marcellin OC 9 5 3 1 0 0 690 439 157.18 22
5 Old Camberwell Grammarians 9 5 4 0 0 0 478 586 81.57 20
6 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 9 4 5 0 0 0 720 596 120.81 16
7 PEGS Football Club 9 4 5 0 0 0 640 566 113.07 16
8 St Mary’s Salesian 9 2 7 0 0 0 602 655 91.91 8
9 Peninsula 9 1 8 0 0 0 362 837 43.25 4
10 Old Mentonia

Round 8 Review

Super Saturday Carnival

The Weather Gods are certainly smiling on us again this season. After a week of rain and overcast greyness, the sun came out early for the Thirds and stayed with us across our five games for the day.

There were signs everywhere of real improvement in our teams and while we didn’t win every game, the effort and passion we asked for leading into our biggest weekend of the season was there for everyone to see.

As you know, we held our Gala Ball Saturday and I’ll write on this in Friday’s newsletter but I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our players on their on and off-field performance. I had made the point that Saturday night’s function was an inter-generational event and I was really pleased to see so many players and supporters talking and enjoying themselves Saturday night. We have such an incredible group of young women and men at OCGAFC and they did our club proud on Saturday in every way.  Well played.

Please read the reviews and thanks, as always, to our army of helpers and supporters.

Go Wellers.

Adam Kyriacou

The Wellers secured back to back wins for the first time this year on a perfect Autumn day at GBO.

The first quarter’s started at a hectic pace. Both sides were playing quick, end to end football and high intensity. Our pressure efforts were up early and we steadily began to gain control with in-form duo Tavenor & Latsas kicking clever goals after numerous forward entries. Robbie Campbell, playing his 50th game for OCGAFC, was on top in the middle and our midfielders were licking their lips with his first class service. We kicked 5 goals to 2 for the quarter and took an early lead into the first break.

St Mary’s came hard in the second quarter, with a real determination at each contest and kicked 2 early goals to bring them back within striking distance. We urgently needed a spark and young gun Josh Holding stepped up to shut down one of their prime movers.  Rob Deev continued to dominate across half back and we reassert ourselves to go into the break with a 3 goal buffer.

After half time, our on-ball brigade, led by Hensby 31 possessions and 4 tackles, Joe Arnold with 27 and Benny Hart’s 27 and 2 goals helped put the foot down courtesy of some vintage tap work from Robbie and fast developing youngster Kellan PercyJimmy Allen (3 goals ) was everywhere and Angus Brettingham-Moore was playing his best game for the season. We converted 6 goals to 2 and took a stranglehold on a challenging contest.

Big man Nick Adamson out the game to bed early in the last, continuing his scintillating form with another 10 marks for the day and 2 goals.

Another consistent performance from the group led to a well deserved 50 point victory leaving us with 4 from 4 and in touch with the top tier of Premier C.

Next week we face the talented Fitzroy FC away and we’re excited to see if the group can go to the next level after a month of continuous improvement. Away games are always great tests of character and we’d love to see a strong Weller contingent at the Brunswick Street Oval this Saturday.
Goal Kickers: N. Latsas 3, R. Campbell 3, A. Taverner 3, A. Brettingham-Moore 2, N. Adamson 2, J. Allen 2, B. Hart 2, S. Powell, F. Wells
Best Players: C. Hensby, B. Hart, N. Adamson, S. Bennett, C. Wilson, K. Percy

Anson Brownless
Men’s Coach


1 Williamstown CYMS 8 7 1 0 0 0 981 439 223.46 28
2 Fitzroy FC 8 7 1 0 0 0 845 462 182.90 28
3 Old Geelong 8 6 2 0 0 0 703 628 111.94 24
4 PEGS Football Club 8 5 3 0 0 0 629 648 97.07 20
5 Old Camberwell Grammarians 8 4 4 0 0 0 708 703 100.71 16
6 Marcellin OC 8 4 4 0 0 0 672 682 98.53 16
7 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 8 3 5 0 0 0 697 761 91.59 12
8 Old Mentonians 8 2 6 0 0 0 618 707 87.41 8
9 Peninsula 8 1 7 0 0 0 516 881 58.57 4
10 St Mary’s Salesian 8 1 7 0 0 0 595 1053 56.51 4

Men Reserves

Seven matches in and the boys find themselves with 4 wins for the season to date chasing three on the trot, playing the recently promoted St Marys Salesian, who were coming off a previous season Grand Final performance in Division 1. Four changes to the winning combo from the previous week with Benny Warburton coming into the team having played in the Ones for most of the season, Alex Vickery promoted from the Threes, Chris Young returning from a long term ankle injury and Nick Searles who has returned to the Club after a stint working in Queensland.

Another bright sunny Saturday greeted us and once again GBO was a fast track ensuring the game was going to be played at a fast pace. After a slow start, and again conceding early goals, the boys found their groove late in the quarter to at least put some respectability on to the scoreboard, going into the first break with a 4-point deficit. Frustrating? Yes, to say the least! We had quite possibly 70% of the play in our forward only to be consistently outmarked by the St Marys defenders, who showed their ability to read the play and intercept mark way too often for all involved’s comfort.

The call came for more poise when taking the ball forward, being prepared to hold the ball for the millisecond longer to enable a target to be selected. A positive response was the outcome and the scoreboard began to tick over in our favour, however there were too many behinds scored for the coach’s liking! Mick Jenkin was busy up forward showing off his ability to finish by scoring a couple of quality goals from snaps around the goal face.

The level of time the ball spent in our half continued for the remainder of the game, and certainly the opposition showed a willingness to tough out the contest by continuing to frustrate our forward efforts. When it wasn’t in our half, players such as Benny Mann were busy at the opposite repelling the opposition forward forays, ably supported by Charlie Urwin and Benny Warbs, who was busy consigning the opposition’s key forward to a very quiet afternoon.

To the team’s great credit, they toughed it out and kept peppering away at the goals to finally finish with a 26 point winning margin and building winning form to take into the Rd. 9 clash against the highly favoured Fitzroy.

It’s always a great feeling to be heading into a large Club function knowing we had a successful afternoon, so well done boys you set the tempo for the remainder of the afternoon!

Goal Kickers: M. Jenkin 3, B. Williams, M. Schumann, A. Bongiorno, B. Mann, R. Vienet, A. Parker
Best Players: A. Parker, B. Mann, M. Jenkin, J. Huntsman, T. Pepperell, N. Benson
Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach


1 Fitzroy FC 8 8 0 0 0 0 809 294 275.17 32
2 Old Geelong 8 7 1 0 0 0 776 302 256.95 28
3 Williamstown CYMS 8 5 2 1 0 0 675 345 195.65 22
4 Old Camberwell Grammarians 8 5 3 0 0 0 452 468 96.58 20
5 Marcellin OC 8 4 3 1 0 0 597 379 157.52 18
6 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 8 4 4 0 0 0 698 489 142.74 16
7 PEGS Football Club 8 4 4 0 0 0 572 495 115.56 16
8 St Mary’s Salesian 8 1 7 0 0 0 423 615 68.78 4
9 Peninsula 8 1 7 0 0 0 302 744 40.59 4
10 Old Mentonians 8 0 8 0 0 0 152 1342 11.33 0


On a perfect May day, the Thirds took the field with a genuine sense of optimism and a fire in the belly to redeem themselves from their previous week’s performance. And right out the blocks it was clear that the boys were going to give it a red hot crack as they tackled and chased their opponents hard and heavy. In what became a terrific arm wrestle in the contest, we were able to put into practice what we had been working on all year, with the boys using the corridor and working hard both ways.

What was extremely pleasing was our ability to work hard in defence, with our backmen standing up as a group and withstanding the pressure being applied from Old Geelong. Michael Hook was a standout performer, even leaving the ground to take a spectacular mark on the wing. Richie McDonald had a breakout game, running through the midfield with poise and strength, while Nick Russell returned from an extended hiatus to be in blistering form!

Although the boys played really well, Old Geelong were too good in the end, running over the top of us in the forth. However, considering we lost to them in our first game by 76 points, this week showed how far we have come as a team and what we look like when we play good footy. I was very proud of the boys.

Goal Kickers: N. Russell 2, T. Phelps, M. Todd, G. Vitinaros, M. McPherson, L. Bannister
Best Players: C. Gorman, M. Hook, D. Hudson-Mollard, R. McDonald, T. Phelps, N. Russell

We still welcome more players to sign up!  You can sign up here: FootyWeb

Or contact Ben for more info:
0418 123 419

Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach


1 St Bernards 8 6 2 0 0 0 782 456 171.49 24
2 Old Carey 7 4 2 1 1 0 575 319 180.25 22
3 Mazenod 8 5 3 0 0 0 549 459 119.61 20
4 Marcellin OC 8 4 3 1 0 0 465 628 74.04 18
5 Old Geelong 8 4 4 0 0 0 518 476 108.82 16
6 P E G S 8 3 4 1 0 0 499 487 102.46 14
7 Old Camberwell Grammarians 7 2 5 0 0 1 387 576 67.19 12
8 St Mary’s Salesian 8 1 6 1 0 0 427 784 54.46 6


In the final game of the first half of the season, the Seniors faced a previously undefeated West Brunswick outfit packed with talent and experience. On paper it presented as a tough ask to come away with a win, but the players and coaches were confident in our ability to match it with them if the intensity and effort levels were where they needed to be.

At the final siren it was pleasing to say that we played exactly how we wanted to against such a dominant opponent. Saturday’s game was a case where the scoreboard did not reflect the closeness of the contest and the performance of the team. It was a genuine four quarter effort, which didn’t deliver the rewards we deserved, but hopefully demonstrated to everyone involved what we’re capable of.

The first three quarters exemplified this lack of reward, in that we controlled and outplayed West Brunswick for long periods, but their ability to put on short bursts of goals proved the difference. Right from the first bounce our work rate was strong, getting plenty of numbers to the contest and making West Brunswick work for footy. Despite them peppering the goals, we were clearly holding our own around the ground and setting up well at the contest. ClareRachael and Sara were winning the line share of clearances and linking with players smartly positioned around the ball to make for a fast and open game.

Defensively we shut them down more consistently from the second quarter. Our back line did a great job to support each other and communicate, providing good cover to allow Steph D to play the sweeper role. As small defenders, GabTraceyEdie and Isy, worked hard to stick with and match up against some smart running forwards and midfielders pushing into our defensive half. All four attacked each contest when it was their turn to do so and couldn’t be faulted.

Equally hard running efforts came from Soph and Georgia O (on debut) out on the wings. Their leg speed and hunger to win the disputed ball across the middle of the ground was a large reason for why we controlled long periods of the game. Each time it came out of our forward fifty, they were quick to force it back in. Similarly, our midfielders set up the well across the half forward line to allow this to happen. Generally, the way individuals set themselves up and communicated around the ground was very effective and evident from the sidelines.

To top it all off we put on our most impressive display of forward pressure this year. We locked down the footy in our forward line repeatedly, forcing ball ups and boundary throw ins, as well as taking a fair number of contested and uncontested marks within range. Both small forwards – JaneBrigMaddie and Nat – and key forwards – MaggieAshAmelia and Anna, were hungry to keep it in these areas and shared the defensive load amongst each other. Late in the game it was great to see Anna put in multiple efforts to keep the ball alive and kick a great goal for her efforts. This was characteristic of how the team as a collective finished the game. We ran it out strong and finally the scoreboard showed some reward for our persistence. Missing a couple of set shots points to something to work on in training.

Having reached the halfway mark of the season, it’s a good time to reflect and set some goals for the run home. Our improvement has been steady and each week we are looking more cohesive and deliberate in how we go about it. As everyone continues to gain match experience, and we welcome back some quality players from injury, we should be genuinely considering ourselves a chance each Saturday – no matter the opposition. Everyone should be excited by this, and believe it too. We are 100% capable of beating any side in this competition.

Goal Kickers: C. Wilson, J. Cuningham, A. Sallows
Best Players: C. Wilson, S. Bangs, S. Fortunato, G. Opray, G. Opray, A. Sallows

Ken Schwab & Andrew Romanin
Women’s Coaches


1 West Brunswick 7 7 0 0 0 0 414 124 333.87 28
2 Monash Blues 7 5 2 0 0 0 242 118 205.08 20
3 Old Geelong 7 5 2 0 0 0 210 190 110.53 20
4 St Mary’s Salesian 7 4 3 0 0 0 240 144 166.67 16
5 Collegians 7 3 4 0 0 0 147 233 63.09 12
6 Brunswick Renegades 7 2 5 0 0 0 117 196 59.69 8
7 Old Camberwell 7 2 5 0 0 0 147 268 54.85 8
8 Mazenod OC 7 0 7 0 0 0 132 376 35.11 0

Women Reserves

As has been the case so often this year it was always going to be a tough game coming up against the second top side in the reserves. We spoke before the game on focusing on our structures, intensity and work rate. Whilst the scoreboard didn’t reflect our output or the way in which the game was played – we definitely delivered on these focuses.

In the first quarter we showed some great work in close at the contest and our ability to hold tackles as well as ensuring that our pressure on the ball carrier was strong.  Our midfield worked hard from the opening bounce with a number of players going through the midfield. In particular it was great to see Alice and Kate continue their work in the ruck as they came up against a strong ruck on the opposition, while our midfielders of Lucy, Lisa, Laura, Rosie, Eliza and Georgia  all worked to run both defensively and offensively.

The second terms saw our defence show some great fight as we continued to stop the opposition of scoring despite the number of entries that they were able to construct with Bridget and Kath proving a dynamic duo in the back-line, whilst HannahSarahEvaDale, and Greta all showed some great run and positioning to ensure that the West Brunswick forwards couldn’t get too much space or time. Even with the great defensive pressure we were unable to stop West Brunswick for the full quarter as they again managed to get another 4 goals on the board.

At half time we were very focused on continuing to ensure that we showed spirit and work rate and in particular started to get the ball in to our forward line as well as ensured that we continued to work on our defensive pressure and work around the stoppages. We came out in the second half and despite getting the ball in our forward line as well as some great tackling which saw us get a shot on goal we were unable to convert it into a scoreboard results. Emilia showed some terrific desperation and contested work as she continued to work around the ground, whilst Prue and Sav went in to the middle and worked hard at the stoppages, while Carly, Georgia W, Alex S, Katie and Alex O all showed  continued some great work up forward as we attempted to get on the scoreboard.

It was disappointing to not get the reward on the scoreboard for our hard work, it was a good opportunity for a number of players to play in different positions throughout the day and continue to learn the different positions against a good opposition. We look forward  to heading out to Monash this week after having shown some great development in terms of our positional structures as well as players focusing hard on work rate.

A huge thanks again to all those that helped this week – it is greatly appreciated.

Best Players: B. Facey, E. Fisher, R. Strasser, G. Kaehne, S. Dunwell, G. Smith

Alex Mackenzie
Women’s Reserves Coach


1 Old Geelong 7 7 0 0 0 0 687 52 1321.15 28
2 West Brunswick AFC 7 6 1 0 0 0 591 119 496.64 24
3 St Mary’s Salesian 7 5 2 0 0 0 511 169 302.37 20
4 Brunswick Renegades 7 4 3 0 0 0 207 307 67.43 16
5 Monash Blues 6 2 4 0 0 1 115 395 29.11 12
6 Mazenod 7 1 6 0 0 0 115 417 27.58 4
7 Collegians 6 1 5 0 0 0 87 494 17.61 4
8 Old Camberwell Grammarians 7 1 6 0 0 0 78 447 17.45 4


Round 7 Review

Men win big vs Pirates @ Mt Martha, Women Seniors defeat Mazenod @ GBO

In a strange twist of fate, while our Men’s Teams were recording great wins about 800 metres from my house, I was at GBO watching our amazing Women take on Mazenod. Every Saturday can’t be a GBO Super Saturday clearly but it was an opportunity to host and if we are to continue establishing our reputation as a strong and welcoming footy club for a Saturday’s game of VAFA footy, we need to provide a great atmosphere. I’m pleased to say we didn’t disappoint and thank you for everyone’s help Saturday.

As always,  some great reading from our stellar coaches this week and some real highlights. After a tough injury plagued season our Women’s Seasons had a scintillating win against Mazenod.

The Thirds continued their solid form from the win against Marcellin and but for errant kicking, went down narrowly away against a good Mazenod side. The presence of our Thirds has greatly increased our depth and competitiveness across the entire Men’s group and that’s great for OCGAFC.

Away wins in Premier C are always hard to come by and none are harder down at Peninsula Old Boys. They had come down from Premier B and would have been desperate for victory. To win both the Reserves and Seniors games was a mighty effort and keeps both teams in the hunt in their divisions.

I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone but it is Gala Week with our big night this Saturday 26th. I’ll be sending around some huge thank-yous shortly and the Club is looking forward to a great night.

Saturday 26th May – Gala Ball

If you have anything to donate as an auction item, please contact Adam.

Go Wellers.

Adam Kyriacou
Men Reserves

Peninsula Old Boys at Mt Eliza is always a tough encounter, regardless of the position that their teams hold on the ladder. They treat their home games as nothing short of “War”. They fight hard to not lose the perceived advantage they have due to the opposition having to travel a distance to get there.

Our boys all fronted on time, bright eyed & ready to go. We welcomed back Zach Herbstreit, down from a stint in the seniors and brought up Mick Jenkin and Louis Campbell from Benny’s Threes group. After a solid warm-up, we were ready to take on the challenge. Unfortunately, we did not quite anticipate the fierceness that the Pirates displayed in being first in at the contest, winning the one on ones, making tackles stick (and bringing their opponents to ground) and getting big numbers around the stoppages. The result – three well constructed goals scored before we were able to reply with our first goal on the quarter time siren.

No cause for panic. We have found ourselves in this position a few times this season, and we had been able to overcome. A lift in our overall effort, an increase in our intensity levels and a more definite approach to the ‘Defend First’ mindset that has been asked of the players all season was required. Once the ball is to hand, we needed to look for the opportunities to widen the ground, as simply dumping the ball back down the line, from its initial starting point was a sure fire way to play into the opposition’s hands. They were generally bigger than us, taller than us, but we were all quite certain they were not as quick as us, nor were they as fit as us.

A mini fight back resulted in Q2 and we managed multiple goals, plus behinds to claw back to a 3 point deficit at the long break.
A couple of team positional changes were made and immediate effect was felt. Louis Campbell, was shifted into the middle and he showed very quickly that he is a ‘good driver in heavy traffic’. Centre clearances were an area that we had been on the back foot all match and his presence in the middle helped swing the game momentum our way. Tom Vogel was moved to defence and he was instrumental in repelling a number of opposition forward forays.

Matt Bromell was presenting up at the ball carrier and was very strong in the air as well. He capped these efforts with a super tackle of one of the Peninsula defenders in the goal square, nailing him big time. If that type of effort couldn’t motivate his team mates, you would have to question why people play footy!

Scotty Kaiser was busy in the third kicking our only goals, but more importantly the defence was playing tight and we kept the Pirates to 3 points, enabling us to move to a 3 point lead at the final break.

We knew that the match was going to go down to the wire, the Pirates were not going to lay down, especially not on their home turf in front of a vocal, parochial home crowd.

We battled hard all quarter, scored a Mike Schuman goal from a strong contested mark out wide and he was able to drill the much-needed goal. We conceded a couple to defensive lapses, but with our “plus 1” finding the ball more often than the opposition would have wished, we snuck over the line for a 2 point victory (for the second week in a row!!).

Back to the drawing board to assess some key areas to work on during the coming week in order to ensure that we are primed to take on St Marys Salesian at home. Have a good week on the track boys!

Goal Kickers: S. Kaiser 3, M. Schumann 2, M. Bromell
Best Players: M. Bromell, A. Bongiorno, L. Campbell, B. Mann, T. Pepperell, M. Schumann

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach


In a very frustrating day at the office for all involved, the Thirds were unable to kick our way to victory this week. After a big win last week, the boys again played some very good footy, however due to a lack of accuracy in front of goals, we were unable to take our chances and take the win. Mazenod beat us in the contest in the first half but after half time the boys responded brilliantly, started winning the hard ones and created enough scoring shots to put us in the game.

Tyler Phelps was instrumental in the midfield, providing plenty of drive in only his third ever game of Aussie Rules! Matt Tesoriero also had a terrific day, continually beating a very solid opponent in the backline and providing plenty of drive off half back. Other key contributors were George Vitinaros up forward and Alex Vickery and Steven Cunningham in the middle.

In the end we lost by 18 points, however after kicking 16 behinds, it was definitely one that got away.

Goal Kickers: R. McDonald, G. Vitinaros, S. Cunningham
Best Players:S. Cunningham, T. Phelps, M. Tesoriero, R. Upton, A. Vickery, G. Vitinaros

We still welcome more players to sign up!  You can sign up here: FootyWeb

Or contact Ben for more info:
0418 123 419

Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach


After a few weeks of rapid improvement and competitive performances, the Seniors came into the weekend’s clash against Mazenod with confidence that they could get back on the winner’s list. A fired up Mazenod showed up ready to play and with a clear intent to get their first win of the season. With a relatively small and quick running team, they looked to play similar free-flowing footy us.

As has happened in previous weeks, we let the opposition control the early play and were caught napping as their quick forwards and midfielders combined to kick the first two goals of the game. However, the trend stuck to the script and we began to work our way into the contest. Our forward line looked to have more structure with Maggie at full forward offering a strong marking option and Amelia back to her traditional centre half forward position. A couple of quick goals saw us get back in the game to be six points down at quarter time.

As the coaches and backline struggled to get the match ups right in defence, our second quarter again got off to a slow start. Eventually shuffling our defence to go with a small and mobile back-six, moving Tracey, Edie and Isy to defence allowed us to settle down back and focus on attacking. Rhi and Sara started to win their own footy, while Soph and Rachael worked hard to find space to capitalise on this. Our forward line clicked as well. A much more open flowing game, in general, and especially up forward was giving us an opportunity to get the ball in quickly and allow our small forwards to run onto it. Steph, El and Jane did this on multiple occasions to create scoring opportunities. Amelia and our midfielders were also taking contested marks in good positions, offering another avenue to goal which we have missed for much of the season.

Turning the scoreboard around to lead by a goal at half time was just reward for the team, and it was important that we stayed focused and kept wearing them down to break their spirit.

Kicking with the wind in the third allowed Mazenod to throw everything at us, but by this stage our defence was working as a tight unit and stuck to the basics. Steph D played a captain’s game and picked off everything, settling things down over and over again. She was supported by Gab and Sam. And collectively our defence never looked like cracking. With Dee going down with an ankle injury, Anna stepped up and played a key role in the ruck contests. She tapped smartly to advantage and kept giving us first use of the ball.

The final quarter was set up for either team to win it, so kicking the first goal extended our lead to a healthy buffer. And with a second, we were confident that we’d done enough to win. To their credit, Mazenod finished strongly, but again our back line stepped up and dealt with everything.

After a tough month, and a couple of games in which we had given ourselves a chance to take the four points, it was just reward for the team to get back on the winners list. We have taken big strides in the first six games and the injuries have allowed us to play a lot of inexperienced girls, which will prove to be a positive as the season unfolds. Well done to the team for how they continue to apply themselves at training and on game days. Big thanks to all the helpers on the weekend, and those who came out to support.
Goal Kickers: A. Robison 2, S. Elovaris, R. Green, S. Fortunato, M. Wilson, C. Wilson
Best Players: S. Defina, D. Booth, J. Cuningham, R. Green, S. Bangs, A. Robison

Ken Schwab & Andrew Romanin
Women’s Coaches

Women Reserves

Taking on Mazenod, we were excited about the opportunity to be back at home chasing our second win for the year.
When the opposition kicked away in the first quarter we had to work hard to get back in the game. Our usual strong defensive efforts and tackling that have become a highlight of the team were not at the level we expected and the opposition made us pay on the scoreboard kicking 2 goals 5 behinds.

In the second quarter we worked hard and had the opportunities to finish off but unfortunately we just missed some poise in the forward line as we kicked 2 behinds while the opposition finished off their only chance with a goal. Alice and Kate worked in tandem well through the ruck and continued to provide great contests around the ground, while our midfield began to get more run and shutdown the opposition’s best player with work between Emilia and Georgia to ensure that she didn’t continue to get away from us.

The third term we again held them to one goal but were unable to get on the scoreboard but our effort and work rate had lifted as we began to get more dash off the backline with Eva and Greta leading the way as they repelled the ball and KathHannah and Bridget were rock solid in the last line of defence. While Georgia O continued her fantastic form for the game as she ran, marked and provided great distance covered with run and kicks, Lucy, Sarah and Laura began to get more of the ball and provide plenty of run through the middle of the ground.

The final term we had most of the play in our forward 50 however couldn’t finish with more than 1 behind despite consistently having the ball. Georgia W had a great quarter as she ran and worked hard and continued to run to the right spots, while Emilia was first to the ball and showed great fight at every contest with her terrific tackling.

Whilst another hard week in terms of the score there was again some great signs that we are close to getting our second win and the continued improvement from all players is really promising.

Look forward to a big game this week and responding back with a big effort

Best Players: G. Opray, E. Fuller, G. Kaehne, E. Fisher, A. Fly, S. Dunwell

Alex Mackenzie
Women’s Reserves Coach


After the long drive down to the Mornington Peninsula, perhaps the journey affected us as out start was slow and we find ourselves a few goals down in the first and lucky not to be further behind courtesy of our wayward opponents. The Pirates had started strongly and would dominate inside 50’s and general play.

Saturday however was not going to be their day as the Wellers turned up the heat and began to dominate possession for the remainder of a one sided contest.

Alex Tavener (4 goals) kick started the boys with a dominant display as a small forward and big man Nick Adamson was playing a major role up the ground raking in a season high 12 marks and 31 possessions. Emerging Ruckman Kellan Percy was starting to take control in the middle and prolific onballers Ben Hart 35 possessions & ‘Chook’ Hensby 33 were in command across the park with some fierce attack on the ball and some slick ball movement through the middle. We went into the main break with a 10 point lead and plenty of confidence growing within the group.

After the break, our relentless backs led by Bennett, Deev & Co became impossible to pass and were rebounding almost every entry. Jimmy Allen continued his amazing form this year with 2 goals and Nick Latsas (3 goals) continued his dangerous form up forward. Peninsula struggled under the constant pressure and we went on to record our first away win for the season.

After last week’s disappointing fade out, it was important to bounce back quickly and keep in touch with a very even Premier C group this year. The win leaves us 3 & 4 and within touch of the top 4.

Most pleasingly, the emergence our younger players led by Josh Holding, Lachlan Powell, Will Dalrymple, Kellan Percy and first gamer Rob West continues. These young Wellers’ show no fear and will bring endless energy to the group for the remainder of the season.

Thanks for those who travelled to support our team and we hope to see you next week at GBO.

Goal Kickers: A. Taverner 4, N. Latsas 3, R. Campbell 2, J. Allen 2, B. Hart, C. Wilson, C. Hensby, H. Crothers, N. Adamson
Best Players: B. Hart, C. Hensby, S. Bennett, A. Taverner, N. Latsas, J. Holding

Anson Brownless
Men’s Coach

Round 6 Review

In what will be our first out of 3 five team Super Saturday for 2018, there was a great buzz around the club from the moment the Thirds ran out on the top oval. And what a game they played, tearing apart top-of-the-table Marcellin in a display that made us all smile. Our new coffee machine guru Noah was cranking out fresh flat whites and BBQ heroes Tony Holding and Vickers had the flames working early with fresh egg and bacon rolls on the menu.

Our Women’s Reserves took on Old Geelong and while the scoreboard looked one-sided it was anything but a tackle followed by bump followed by effort. Our Wellers girls weren’t taking a backward step. Our Men’s Reserves were in a battle of their own in a frenetic encounter with arch rivals PEGS. Not sure why but this game is a proper grudge match and we held on in a thriller by 2 points!

Meanwhile,  some of our amazing Mum’s (not enough mind) were popping the champers and dining out on cucumber sandwiches and quiche lorraine while they cheered on both teams from the balcony. Plenty of urging from the stands and even a few discussions re some interclub relationships – time for me to exit.

Our Senior sides displayed great grit and skill but fell short at different stages of their games. While it’s never easy to watch tight contests as a supporter, it’s great to see us play good football. The results will come rest assured.

More on the Gala Ball Friday but it’s going to be a great night. Looking forward to Saturday.

Saturday 26th May – Gala Ball

If you have anything to donate as an auction item, please contact Adam.

Go Wellers.

Adam Kyriacou

ThirdsOn a perfect May day, the Old Camberwell thirds team produced their best performance of the year! In a stunning win over first placed Marcellin, the boys played with vigour and plenty of run. After playing a few games together, it finally clicked for the boys and they were able to not only defeat the opposition in the contest but also apply the scoreboard pressure needed to snatch the game.

Matthew Todd continued his stellar start of the year at Centre Half Back, while Patrick Dennis, Louis Campbell and Michael Jenkin all had standout games in the midfield. However, it was the newcomers who showed the most promise, with Ange Viola and Tyler Phelps kicking 3 goals and 2 goals respectively. What made the feat even more remarkable was that it was Ange’s fourth game and Tyler’s second. Above everything, the win was a full team effort, with everyone contributing and putting in their all! From my point of view, it was a very satisfying win and I am extremely proud of the boys.

Goal Kickers: A. Viola 3, M. McPherson 3, T. Phelps 2, J. Alexeyeff 2, M. Jenkin, L. Campbell, T. Owen
Best Players: M. Jenkin, A. Viola, T. Phelps, P. Dennis, L. Campbell, M. Todd

We still welcome more players to sign up!  You can sign up here: FootyWeb

Or contact Ben for more info:
0418 123 419

Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach

WomenAnother promising display by the Seniors showed the continued development we’re making as a team. Had we shown up in the first quarter, we may have been celebrating a monumental win over an Old Geelong side that had demolished us in our first ever competitive game in Round 1 last year. The first quarter aside, we were able to push Old Geelong in the remaining three, and outscored them in the second half.

The opening quarter was a stiff lesson for the side, demonstrating how a game can be lost in just 20 minutes of footy. Being nearly five goals down at the first change is always going to make for a long day, and teams rarely recover from such an early deficit. Old Geelong put on an impressive display, showing their quality, moving the ball with speed and taking their opportunities to pile on scoreboard pressure. We were caught napping. There was nothing we could do, but forget it and move on.
The coaches didn’t need to say much at the quarter-time huddle. It was obvious to the playing group that the effort was lacking. All the coaches asked for was that the team lift the effort and not let the opposition think they were going to get an easy run of it. That’s not what this team does.

And what ensued was a terrific and inspiring three quarters of football, where you could see from the sidelines that we believed we could match it with Old Geelong. We played with tenacity and confidence, over running and virtually shutting down their game. Putting aside the two second quarter goals they kicked, we held them to four points in the second half, showing the extent to which we turned it around.

We got on top in the middle and around the ground, through some key changes in personnel. Meg was thrown into the starting ruck position, playing it smart to out muscle the opposition ruck, which Dee tuned into and then followed suit. Pushing Amelia onto the wing and Isy into the middle, and Anna to centre half back, gave us a different structural dynamic, which worked effectively. It allowed for Steph D and Gab to be let loose across the half back, while Soph and Amelia’s hard running on the wings gave us good balance across the centre of the ground.

Getting more of the ball around the ground was the catalyst for applying consistent forward pressure. Picking up from the previous week, RachaelNatBrigAlexJane and Eadie continued to work hard to lock the ball in our forward line and to provide options and support to our tall forwards. In the last two weeks, our ability to keep the ball in out forward fifty is allowing us to generate scoring opportunities where we haven’t in the earlier rounds. Although, our forward structures still require work. Special mention to Jane who kicked her first senior goal after a strong marking contest, and Amelia who would be boosted by slotting one after threatening to do so all season.

Maggie’s availability was a welcome return down back, as she worked her way into the game. Tracy (on debut) and Smitty, playing alongside her for much of the game, put in strong performances after being thrown into the deep end after the first quarter. It was great to see them not be overawed and stick to the task. And huge praise to Brig and Sara, probably the two smallest midfielders in the competition. They both put in classy performances, and are fast becoming serious ball winners, as well as great users and decision makers.

All in all, a great display from the team. Another performance that can give us confidence that we’re settling into the division and closing the gap between the stronger teams. A look at the ladder suggests we’re still right in the mix and not out of the race for finals. With a bit of luck we would already have been in the four. Fingers crossed that Sam and Lou have not sustained serious injuries after going down during the game. Big thanks to all who assisted with various jobs, especially Dave Anjou for umpiring both games. Looking forward to getting back to winning ways against Mazenod, in one we should be looking to give maximum effort to win.

Goal Kickers: A. Robison, J. Cuningham
Best Players: S. Bangs, M. Harper, I. Burke, T. Lam, S. Fortunato, B. Howell

Ken Schwab & Andrew Romanin
Women’s Coaches

Women ReservesOn Saturday we took on the top side who had taken all before them so we knew that it would be a challenging game from the opening bounce.

The opening quarter saw us start strongly as we managed to keep the opposition to just the 2 goals on the back of some great defence and our midfield working hard to ensure that the opposition didn’t get too many loose players. We worked hard to lock down the play and fought for every ball.

In the second quarter Old Geelong showed some great structure as they managed to kick 5 goals and have 10 scoring shots for the quarter and whilst we battled hard we were unable to put a score on the board. Our tackling was again a feature, however Old Geelong were able to get some loose players behind the ball and find space around the ground as they used their foot skills and run and carry to move the ball. Maddie RichardsLucyEmeliaLisaRosieKath Dale and Georgia all having a run through the middle. While KateNicole and Alice all worked through the Ruck and forward line tirelessly throughout the game.

At half time we consolidated and spoke about having a belief as despite the scoreboard we had physically been in the game and just unable to finish our hard work in front of goals. The team worked hard and showed the belief kicking a goal in the first 5 minutes of the third quarter thanks to the work of Lucy Cooper. The forward continued to work hard and despite not getting the reward they showed plenty of spirit to keep the ball in the forward line. Our backline was again strong as they kept Old Geelong to just the 2 goals for the quarter with Sarah, Greta, Phoebe, Hannah, Eliza, Prue, Eliza and Bridget all working extremely hard to repel the ball

The last quarter saw more of the same from the team as the defence again managed to hold Old Geelong to 2 goals, while the midfield worked hard to close down loose players and ensure that the opposition didn’t get any free disposals and whilst we deserved more the scoreboard it was great to see that we finished off the game with hard work as our forwards of SavEvaJoJade and Alex Sertic who didn’t have any easy day worked to push up the ground.

A huge thanks to the supporters and helpers who again assisted on the day – it is greatly appreciated and makes such a  big difference. Look forward to next week and seeing us secure our second win of the year.

Goal Kickers: L. Cooper
Best Players: A. Fly, S. Dunwell, S. Kaehne, G. Kaehne, B. Facey, M. Richards

Alex Mackenzie
Women’s Reserves Coach


Despite the heavy rain experienced late in the week, the good work of Boyd and Coach Brownless with the centre wicket covers saw the ground in tip-top condition for our clash with third placed PEGS.  We had prepared for a tough encounter and that is exactly what occurred.

The game had a strangely flat feel to it early and consequently we did not take full advantage of the assisting wind until later in the quarter.  After conceding the first goal we began to work our way into the game.  Hensby and Wells were winning plenty of ball through the middle, and Jimmy Allen was dangerous forward, kicking two goals for the quarter.  We took a slender six point lead into the first break.

Hard work was going to be needed to limit the damage in the second quarter against a stiffening breeze.  Our backline, led by Simon Bennett and Rob Deev, were resolute, and kept us in the game.  Sam Boyce’s pace and drive from the wing was also important.  In fact we were able to generate five scoring shots to four for the quarter – unfortunately only one goal resulted as opposed to three for PEGS.  To trail by only three points at half time after a lacklustre half left us feeling reasonably confident.

Hopes were dashed early in the third quarter though, with PEGS kicking the first two goals of the half.  Their hard running and precision kicking to loose players was text book “into the wind” football which we failed to counter.  A late fightback, which included goals to Wells and Brettingham-Moore, saw us within two points at three quarter time, with the game well and truly on the line.

We were no match for PEGS in the last quarter, with their dominance in the ruck finally translating into decisive centre clearances and perfect delivery to a highly talented full forward, who managed to kick six goals in the last quarter alone.  A measure of their efficiency was eight straight goals in the last quarter.

So the tale of the tape – more inside fifty’s, more clearances, and only one less scoring shot.  But only five marks inside forward fifty, and less clinical when moving the ball forward, leading to a 31 point loss.  As we discussed pre-game, it is a really even competition, and you need to bring your best every week.  So we dust ourselves off and head to Peninsula where a win is critical.

Goal Kickers: J. Allen 4, N. Adamson 2, H. Crothers 2, F. Wells, A. Brettingham-Moore, S. Boyce
Best Players: J. Allen, S. Bennett, R. Deev, A. Brettingham-Moore, F. Wells, S. Boyce

Anson Brownless
Men’s Coach

Men ReservesIt was certainly a treat to rock up to GBO on Saturday morning, the sun was shining, the track was fast, the turf wicket firm (thanks Boydey, you’re a legend for sorting the wicket block covers) and all the players were on time.

We welcomed back our skipper Charlie Urwin back in his familiar defensive role, Andy Parker up front , Will Kanz through the middle and Robbie Vienet down back. On paper the team looked a very strong unit. They were drawn to play PEGS who had won one more than us but, importantly for them, they had a percentage of 130% more than us! Phew, that looked on paper a pretty tough mountain to climb.

Our good fortune continued to prevail & we duly won the toss & kicked with perhaps a 3 goal breeze running to the North end. The ball was bounced & within no more than the blink of an eye, Parksey was poking it through the big sticks for a classic opening goal.
Well that certainly woke everyone from their slumber!

That form continued and the boys piled on another 4 goals (Scotty Kaiser 2 & Oly Lloyd 1) to end the quarter 26 points in front. We held the view that Q2 would be tough but as long as the team pre-match mantra of “Defend First” was adhered to, & we maintained that mindset for the quarter, we could set the game up to finish off well later in the afternoon. PEGS scored 3 goals (& another 5 behinds) which reflected the pressure being applied by the Wellers boys. Fortunately Jimmy Wilson found the big sticks with a late quarter snap close to goal to help maintain a 10 point lead at the long break.

The PEGS boys rolled up high to clog up our forward line, so there were no easy goals, as was the case in Q1. We were able though to conjure up 3 scrappy goals, but disappointingly we allowed our concentration to wane slightly & they rebounded well to put 4 on the board, getting them back to a 5 point margin at the final break.

With a smart “+1” down back in Q4, Andy Parker, we needed someone to step up and create some Intercept opportunities. ‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man,’ Parkesy stepped up big time & with the support of Tommy EastickMichael Hook & Robbie West in particular, the boys were very cool & calm under a lot of pressure. This enabled the ball to be run forward enough to sneak a couple more knock off our highly favoured opponents by 2 points.

Well done boys, the Club is extremely proud of your efforts, overcoming the frustrations of the past few weeks where we simply have not converted our opportunities.

We will now start to look at another of the old foes, AGS rival Peninsula Old Boys. A road trip, fantastic! Can’t wait!

Goal Kickers: S. Kaiser 4, A. Parker 3, J. Wilson, M. Schumann, O. Lloyd, M. Bromell
Best Players: R. West, A. Bongiorno, A. Parker, W. Dalrymple, T. Stone, T. Pepperell

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach

Round 5 Review – Super Saturday #1

Super Saturday!
Apologies for the delayed publication this week but after our first Super Saturday, I was still recovering on Monday. I will write again this Friday on other Club matters – this weekend’s Super Super Saturday/Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea and the GALA BALL on May 26th.

As our compelling Coach reviews show, while we didn’t take the chocolates in every game, our effort and commitment was there for all to see. I was able to take in all but the Thirds, who were away, and it was fantastic to watch 4 solid contests against hard and fair opposition.

A special note this week to the Men’s Senior Team. Wearly pointed out it was the first time we’ve beaten Marcellin at GBO in 15 attempts – i.e. ever! The guts and character shown in the last was testament to the talent we have and congratulations to all involved.

A special thanks to all those who helped on the day around the club and in particular to our Superman – Boyd Elliott – who is doing an absolute power of work around the Club.
Please join us if you can this Saturday.  If not, then on May 26th at the Gala Ball. Tickets are selling fast but there is plenty of room for more. It is shaping up to be a corker.

Saturday 26th May – Gala Ball

Tickets and info available here

The next two weeks are critical to ensure we secure the 250 people we need to make the night a corker. Spread the word, book a table, send me auction items and most importantly gear up for a brilliant night of fun and community.

Go Wellers.

Adam Kyriacou
WomenIn our best performance for the year to date, the Seniors fell just short. And aside from a brief period in the third quarter when Monash piled on three goals, the team finished the game full of running – maintaining the intensity to the final siren. After a tough couple of weeks in which we’ve lost key players and haven’t performed the way we know we’re capable, Saturday’s game was extremely pleasing and showed signs we’re adjusting to the rigours of the tougher competition.

Right from the first bounce, our intensity at the contest was fantastic. Having worked on protecting the ball carrier and blocking to open up space at training over the last couple of weeks, the girls had clearly taken this on board and were focused on this in the opening stages. For the first time this season, it allowed us the opportunity to have clean possession and feed out to our quick runners. Much improved composure under pressure from Sam ASara and Rachael in the middle was great to see as it opened up Soph and Ella to stretch their legs out on the wings. Some exciting and free flowing passages of play were matched by Monash, and with a couple of points in it at the end of the first quarter we knew it would be a tight game.

As the momentum and run continued into the second quarter, our tall forwards – AnnaAmelia and Jess – worked hard up the ground and deep in the forward fifty to present and bring the ball to ground. And in another first for the year, our small forwards were getting in great position and pushing to the fall of the ball. StephElNat, Isy and Eadie (on her Senior debut) were all getting their share of the crumbs, as well as providing small marking options to link with runners coming out of defence and the midfield. Another tight quarter, meant the scoreboard read just as it did at the end of the first.

There was a strong, positive feeling in the rooms at the main break as the team recognised they were being rewarded for their efforts to run hard, block and carry, and persist with the game plan to move the ball on quickly and cleanly – basically, to work to our strengths. So, there was no surprise when we continued to control the opening period of the third term. Unfortunately, we lost a bit of concentration in the middle part of the quarter as Monash kicked three quick goals. Some which we probably should’ve dealt with. Despite this, the girls didn’t drop their heads and worked back into it, to finish the quarter strongly and snag a late goal. Which could have been a couple more.
We were right in it at the final change and confident that we could maintain the intensity.

Our last quarter was exceptional, if not disappointing for our inability to convert all the possession and play into goal scoring opportunities. Defensively we were composed, as Sam BGabBeckSmitty and Steph D showed grit to finish off the game still providing plenty of drive out of the back line, demonstrating plenty of versatility with their skills and defensive efforts. Likewise, through the midfield ClareDeeBrigMeg and Lou ran and ran and ran.

It was the exhaustion at the final siren that was most evident and pleasing. The team worked hard all day and it paid off. Not on the scoreboard, but how we moved the ball and protected each other, ran to present and to create space, and outnumber and harass the opposition around the ball. The girls can be extremely proud of their performance and look forward to a big clash against Old Geelong, full of confidence and with a point to prove.

Goal Kickers: S. Fortunato, S. Anjou
Best Players: S. Defina, S. Bangs, S. Bangs, G. Opray, S. Anjou, S. Fortunato

Ken Schwab & Andrew Romanin
Women’s Coaches

Women Reserves

After the break we returned to our home ground to take on Monash and were buoyant about our chances given our continued improvement each week.

The first quarter we were unable to match the ball use of Monash as they looked to hit targets down the line. Their ability to control the ball with strong marking and continued leads was hard for us to negate. Despite the control of the ball and play for much of the quarter our defensive pressure was exceptional as we managed to stop them from causing damage on the scoreboard. Our backline worked hard to make every contest as well as ensure that they didn’t get any loose players goal side which meant that we only trailed by a single goal at quarter time. TraceyRosieKath and Greta all worked hard in the backline to ensure that Monash weren’t able to put more scoreboard pressure on us.

In the second quarter we again were under pressure as the midfield worked hard to try to get more ascendancy over the opposition and whilst we responded well we were unable to match the opposition who again managed to kick just the one goal for the quarter. Alex Osborne and Song were terrific as they worked hard with their defensive pressure in the forward line.

At half time we spoke about putting together a strong quarter of football and beginning to put some scoreboard pressure on the opposition and we came out firing as we kicked the first goal in under 15 seconds with our midfield pushing hard to drive the ball forward and Sav managing to weave through traffic to get her first for the game. It was a quarter in which MaddieEva and Jane all showed poise with their possessions.

In the final term we through the magnets around with a number of players playing in different positions as we looked to try to close the gap on the opposition. Despite dominating the play for much of the quarter we were unable to convert this to the scoreboard as Monash kicked another goal to our 2 points. With some fantastic work through the middle of the ground and forward we were unable to close the gap on Monash.

Whilst it was disappointing to not get the win it was great to see so many of the players have an opportunity and to wrestle back possession. Often work rate can go unrewarded but we are confident that if we continue to improve and focus on our work rate that our next win is just around the corner.

Thanks again to our supporters, helpers and Roma for being the runner for the game.

Goal Kickers: S. Dunwell
Best Players: E. Fisher, G. Kaehne, J. Cuningham, A. Osborne, B. Facey, E. Fuller

Alex Mackenzie
Women’s Reserves Coach


The Wellers produced a brilliant final quarter comeback to secure  a much needed 11 point victory against a strong Marcellin outfit on Super Saturday at GBO.
Led by Onballers Joey Arnold (bog) James Allen (3 goals) & Ben Hart (2 goals), the Wellers hunted in numbers and pressured the Eagles at every opportunity from the first bounce. Wingers Sam Boyce and Harry Crothers played their best game for the year and young Wellers Lachie PowellKellan Percy & Josh Holding continued their rapid improvement this year. Forwards Taverner and the dangerous Latsas were combining well together and backs Bennett Deev were well on top. We would go into the main break with a handy 1 goal lead.

The third quarter saw Marcellin kick 4 goals in a row and take the biggest lead of the game out to 18 points. The pressure was definitely red hot. Showing great character and fight, our boys fought back brilliantly late in the quarter though important goals to dominant big man Adamson Nick Latsas, playing a new role forward. We had cut back the lead to trail by 7 points going into a tense last quarter.

The conditions were almost eerie given our late start and all breeze vanished. This would prove to be our best final term so far this year and we continued that momentum and were fully rewarded for our work rate allowing us to take our game to another level. We ran over a very courageous Marcellin outfit and apart from a late scare with late Eagles goals, we got home by 11 points in a confidence building win.

It was fantastic to finally see 4 quarters of pressure football after last weeks drop off against Old Geelong. Full credit must go to the leadership group who were challenged before the game and responded with some outstanding performances.

Thanks to all helpers on the day and we hope to see many supporters back again next week at GBO.

Goal Kickers: N. Latsas 3, N. Adamson 3, J. Allen 3, B. Hart 2, A. Taverner 2, H. Crothers, S. Powell
Best Players: J. Arnold, S. Boyce, J. Allen, H. Crothers, A. Brettingham-Moore, R. Campbell

Anson Brownless
Men’s Coach

Men Reserves

After a quite disappointing showing against OGs in Rd. 4 we returned to GBO to meet the confident Marcellin Eagles, who have started the season in a manner not too dissimilar to our boys.

The question was asked of each of the players in the pre-match … did anyone think that we had met the “Sweep the Sheds” ethic the previous Saturday? Each player conceded that they could have done better & therefore the theme for this week, EFFORT, ENERGY, HONESTY was put to the players before they ran out onto the ground with those words ringing in their ears as they entered the ground to do battle with the old AGS competition enemy!

The game started at breakneck pace and the ball travelled up and down the ground with both sides backlines dominating the play. Unfortunately, our concentration waned late in the quarter enabling the opposition to score a couple of goals late in the quarter to give them a handy 3 goal lead at the first break.

Whilst frustrated in our inability to score goals, the team remained focused and committed to the task at hand and continued to attack hard, maintaining the ball in the front half of the ground for well over half the quarter. Oliver Lloyd was certainly relishing the freedom afforded him moving from the backline into the midfield, where he provided great drive by winning the inside ball & getting it to the outside runners with great aplomb! The overall level of effort was not being rewarded by a release in scoreboard pressure though, and combined with us missing a couple of “sitters” in front of goal, we would have been back closer to the lead.

The coaches reminded the boys that honesty in effort was what was required if we were to salvage some respect from the contest. To the boys’ great credit, there was a significant rise in the urgency of our play and we were able to score multiple goals through the efforts of Scotty Kaiser & Jimmy Wilson, both from strong contested marks in front of goal.

Heading into the final quarter 34 points down, the boys continued to pile the pressure on the Eagles defenders but still struggled to regularly find the big sticks, finishing the game with a scoreline of 1 goal 6 behinds for Q4, whilst keeping the opposition scoreless.

Would’ve, could’ve should’ves all were being sprouted post-match, but as the boys were reminded, the final scoreboard did not reflect anything other than a 22 point loss!

For this group of players to move forward, the greater amount of time that they spend working on their game will have benefits for them individually and as a team. We are already seeing the benefits of our Under 19s graduates coming into the team and contributing massively. Robbie Westperformed magnificently against the opposition’s leading goal scorer, his pace and attack on the incoming footy was something to behold, and Fraser Mascitelli played his best game in the midfield winning a number of stoppages with his strength and presence. Bring on the rest of the season!!

Goal Kickers: S. Kaiser 2, D. La Fontaine, J. Wilson
Best Players: O. Lloyd, F. Mascitelli, R. West, T. Eastick, A. Bongiorno, W. Dalrymple

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach



In perfect conditions, this week provided the boys the ideal opportunity to bounce back after a big loss the previous week. However, due to a lack of scoreboard pressure, we were unable to match Old Carey where it counted most. Patrick Dennis stood up for a break-out game, providing strong contested work inside and out of the contest, while Michael Jenkins and Louis Campbell both continued to display class by foot and plenty of dash.

Other creditable performers where Declan Hudson-Mollard who worked hard all day and gave an honest performance and Mitch Collard who held down the fort in defence in his first game for the year. Special mention must also go to Josh Barrington and Andrew Clarke, who were late inclusions and provided genuine leadership around the ground.

In the end it was a disappointing loss for all involved, especially since we were right in the contest but just could not convert. However, those watching were extremely proud of the boys’ efforts and at no stage did they drop their heads.

This week we play Marcellin at GBO, which should be a very good contest for both teams.

Goal Kickers: M. Jenkin, T. Phelps, M. Todd
Best Players: L. Campbell, A. Clarke, P. Dennis, D. Hudson-Mollard, M. Jenkin, A. Viola

We still welcome more players to sign up!  You can sign up here: FootyWeb

Or contact Ben for more info:
0418 123 419

Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach

Round 4 Review

Forgettable Weekend
Saturday wasn’t the day we’d hoped for but everyone at the footy club is working their socks off to ensure the lessons learnt will make us stronger and better. I have almost got over the ‘bizarre’ umpiring decisions in the Ones but as Anson said, we had opportunities and sometimes that’s footy…and life for that matter. How we respond is the key.

We are having hugely excited about our upcoming GALA BALL on MAY 26th. Our Social Committee is working all hours to secure fantastic auction and raffle items and the list is looking good. What we need now from our supporters and community is to work together and book our tables. Put simple this is our major fundraising event for the year. With five teams playing we need all the funds and support we can to make our club great.

Saturday 26th May – Gala Ball

Tickets and info available here

The next three weeks are critical to ensure we secure the 250 people we need to make the night a corker. Spread the word, book a table, send me auction items and most importantly gear up for a brilliant night of fun and community.

This weekend is Super Saturday as we host both the Men’s & Women’s teams @ GBO. The school are also playing a lot of footy in the morning so the carpark will be busy. Please note that the council may hand out parking infringements if you park on the grass (even though there are no signs saying not to). They send them in the mail, so you won’t know you have one for a few weeks. Forewarned!

Go Wellers.

Adam Kyriacou
Men ReservesThursday night sessions are meant to be the time where Coaches can prime their players for the upcoming battle ahead. Unfortunately, injuries prevailed and the planning that went into the games was thrown out the door. Losing our Captain, Charlie Urwin to an ankle injury & Andy Parker to an ankle sprain, combined with the loss of Matty Cottrell from the previous week, our depth was being tested. Coupled with some key senior players not coming up from injury, plenty of opportunities were on offer for the boys from the Third XV111.

Old Geelong has a long history of producing strong Reserves sides & today was no different. They ran out onto Como Oval looking like Jack & the Beanstalk x 5!!!

Perhaps basking in the glory of two recent solid wins, our boys were slow out of the blocks & very slow to react to the pressure being applied by the opposition. In truth, the opposition was relentless & we were very fortunate to be only 37 points down at quarter time, not having bothered the scorers at our end.

The backline was extremely resolute in the face of consistent attacks & they were able to force the OGs into scoring more behinds than goals, but that didn’t stop the scoreboard from spinning along & we went into the final term 78 points in arrears.

Pride was on the line now. Could we score at least one major before the end of the game? Fortunately Taylor Stone spun out of a pack, ball in hand & scored a lone goal, on the run to give the scoreboard some small level of decency.

Back to the drawing board now for the coaching panel, with our next opponents being the strong Marcellin outfit, to be played at GBO.

Goal Kickers: T. Stone
Best Players: R. West, O. Lloyd, J. Huntsman, C. Gorman, B. Mann, K. Percy

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coaches

ThirdsThis week proved our toughest test yet as the boys went in against a very well-drilled side that also boosted additional numbers and support. Showing ample amounts of grit and determination, the lads fought bravely. Steven Cunningham was our best on, collecting plenty of fire from both sides as he led the team in the midfield for much of the day.

Michael Hook also extended his run of form and was pivotal in defence, providing much of our grunt off the backline throughout the day. Tom Schipper and Matt Tesoriero were also excellent down back, both playing their best game to date and were amongst our best on. Michael Jenkin’s kicking skills enabled us to transition from the backline and set up a number of goals in stylish fashion.

However, it was our ruckman Declan Hudson-Mollard who played with the most vigor and determination as he pushed his opponent all day and by the last quarter was well on top in contests. I’m looking forward to watching his development over the next couple of weeks!

Unfortunately, despite the brave effort, St Bernards were too strong and Old Camberwell suffered our first 100 point loss for the year. However, I was extremely pleased by the effort the boys provided and am looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table this week against Old Carey.

Goal Kickers: T. Bedford, C. MacCallum, L. Campbell
Best Players: S. Cunningham, M. Hook, D. Hudson-Mollard, M. Jenkin, T. Schipper, M. Tesoriero

We still welcome more players to sign up!  You can sign up here: FootyWeb

Or contact Ben for more info:
0418 123 419

Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach


After last week’s great win The Wellers suffered a hard fought and narrow 19 point loss against Old Geelong after leading for most of the day on a Sun drenched Como Park.
Forced to make four late changes to the side going into an important away clash with Old Geelong was somewhat unsettling particularly as 2 were on the training track Thursday night but it allowed in form Will Dalrimple his first Ones opportunity and we were confident we had a team capable of winning.

We started strongly with some slick ball movement in a fast paced and entertaining opening term. Herbstreit was giving the boys plenty of opportunities in the middle and Hensby Arnold were busy in the midfield as they continued to give our forwards plenty of early entries. We were in control at the first break and 3 goals up. Most pleasingly we were able to restrict Geelong’s run & carry game plan with some intense pressure and fierce tackling.

The second quarter saw Old Geelong slowly work their way into the contest. They switched the play and had repeat entries into their 3 giant forwards who were starting to look very dangerous. Our backs led by DeevWilson Warburton were on fire repelling many attacks and continuing their fine form this season to keep us in an absorbing contest.

After the main break we again started to gain control with the inform Adamson Kanz dominating up forward and Boyce Sam Powell controlling their wings. If it wasn’t for a few bizarre umpiring decisions we would have pulled away and led comfortably into the last break.

The last quarter saw a slick Geelong outfit start to wither down our slender lead with a few mistakes and poor execution from our tired boys. OGs put the game out of our reach with 5 last quarter goals to our 7 points. As we all know, poor kicking is poor football and we would pay in the end.

After the game I reminded our boys that if we keep up that effort and work rate for a full 4 quarters we will start to win games on a more consistent basis. We are right in Premier C and played well enough to win.

Thanks for all helpers who turned out on the day.

Goal Kickers: N. Adamson 3, N. Latsas 2, B. Hart, C. Hensby, H. Crothers
Best Players: R. Deev, N. Adamson, C. Hensby, C. Wilson, B. Hart, J. Arnold

Anson Brownless
Senior Coach