Presentation Night 2015

Committee Awards

Presidents Trophy – Tom Schipper
– for ongoing commitment on and off-field, including Social Club commitments.

Ron Wooton Trophy – Simon Bennett
– for outstanding contribution on and off field, awarded by the Committee.

Church Family Award – Joan De Vond
– for exceptional off-field contribution, awarded by the Committee.

Rising Star Award – Fraser Wells

Under 19 Best Clubman – Campbell Gowers

SosSchipper PaulSimmoBennett SosFraserWells paulAndJoan


U19 Awards

After a tough season for the U19’s , Coach Paul Gregor sung praises for the boys efforts, and proudly announced the following results:

Best & Fairest – Ben Mann

Runner Up – Luca Negri and Fraser Wells

Most Consistent – Nick Stragalinos

Most Determined – Alex Ioannou

Coaches Award – Steven Clark
‘Matt Austin’ Most Courageous – Chris Samios

MVP voted by players – Amer Halabi
A further thanks to Paul and Joan for their passionate efforts this season with the U19’s, as well as Alex and all the trainers, runners, parents and helpers of the team!

SosSteveClarke MikeSigalas SosU19 ziggyMann

Reserves Awards

An up-and-down season for the Reserves, which showed promising signs and included an unsuccessful late finals charge coming down to the last few rounds!

Best & Fairest – Michael Jenkin

Runner Up – Michael Hook

Most Improved – Josh Barrington

Reserves Clubman Award – Jason Louey

Coaches Award – Chris Allen

Most Determined – Christian Gorman

A big thanks to Andrew Tsindos for his well-received return to the Reserve Coaches helm, as well as manager Tim Cotrell, and all the trainers, runners, parents and assistants throughout the season!

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Seniors Awards

The Senior’s season was hampered by some crucial injuries and unavailability, but ended with everyone involved showing great grit and determination to successfully avoid the relegation zone.

Best & Fairest – Jimmy Allen

Runner Up – Tom Allwright

Most Improved – Sam Powell
Most Consistent – Rob Deev

Coaches Awards – Nick Latsas & Alex Vickery

Sincere gratitude goes to Anson and his coaching staff Ken and Brad for their efforts and commitment throughout the season, and we look forward to moving onwards and upwards under their guidance! Further thanks to manager Tim Cotrell, Rosie and the trainers, Tristan and the runners, and all parents and assistants.

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