Round 12 Review – 4 of a kind!

A Perfect 4!

There have been many great Saturday’s in 2017 but few will top this one. Going into another Super Saturday after the bye, we’d packed the day full with football and social action. Anticipation was high and as it seems to do this year, the winter sun broke early and continued to shine for us.

Before we get to the games I wanted to thank Jemma Wong, Head of Audience Growth for the AFL. Jemma has spent the last 18 months leading the marketing and audience strategy for AFLW, building crowds of 200,000 and building brand change for the sport. Her talk was about much more than football. It was about empowering women and rethinking how we approach sport, society and work. All of the attendees were inspired by her message and as a club we celebrated the impact our Women’s Team and all women who have impacted our club over the years.

A huge thank-you to Kath BithavasAlex Osborne and Jo Hook who were nothing short of sensational in pulling together a superb lunch and afternoon. Brilliant job!

President Adam Kyriacou, Jemma Wong, Steph Defina

Speaking of sensational, superb and brilliant it’s hard to look past the performance of our Reserves and Seniors this week. Facing an undefeated Caulfield Grammarians’ in the Reserves, our boys won a thriller with the last score of the day to grab the points and put us right in the mix for the top 4.  Listening to the song being belted out as we finished lunch was a wonderful thing.g> and his team have been quietly confident that our group is developing a togetherness and toughness that can challenge the top sides. Sitting 3 games clear on top, Caulfield are rightly favourites for promotion but from the first bounce, it was clear the Wellers had come to play – and hard! What a win which also keeps us in the hunt for 2017. Fantastic.

The Seniors lost to Caulfield by 89 points in round 3 but Anson and his team have been quietly confident that our group is developing a togetherness and toughness that can challenge the top sides. Sitting 3 games clear on top, Caulfield are rightly favourites for promotion but from the first bounce, it was clear the Wellers had come to play – and hard! What a win which also keeps us in the hunt for 2017. Fantastic.

Surprisingly our Under 19’s found themselves 4 goals down at quarter time against Hampton Rovers but responded magnificently to turn that into a 6 goal win by the game’s end. With many players away over the winter months this was a genuine team effort. This group are a super bunch and have an opportunity to launch into finals with real confidence.

Our Women literally kicked the frost of the top oval given the 9.20am start to accommodate our Women’s Lunch and faced a fiesty Old Carey who were determined to apply physical pressure at every contest. Some of our midfielders left the ground in the first 10 minutes but as has been the case this year, we found answers in adversity and recorded an impressive win to cement top spot with 2 games left for the season.

It’s a mixed round this weekend with some teams away and others at the GBO. If you haven’t come down this year, now is the time to get on board an support our players and catch-up with friends.

Our next club function is Saturday 29th of July as the Wellsmencelebrate our earlier Premiership Years – please contact Alex Dance.

Thank-you to all our magnificent supporters who made it down on Saturday. I know all the players get a massive lift when they see you all.

Go Wells!

Adam Kyriacou


SeniorsAfter a 89 point hiding in round 4 The Senior side were after redemption against top of the table Caulfield at home on Saturday.

After a slow start with Caulfield kicking the first goal within 32 seconds we were able to change momentum as our work rate lifted with HensbyLatsas & McDonald getting on top in the middle and Sammy Powell looking lively up forward.We would even the contest and go into the first break only a point down.

The second quarter would see some of our finest football for the year against quality opposition. Our relentless pressure efforts led by our little warrior Jase Edwards  forced our opponents into many turnovers. Our halfbacks HowellsAllen & Clarke would provide plenty of run down back and Ben Hart was outstanding with 30 posessions and 3 goals for the day in the middle. We would win the quarter and go into the break 17 points up and with all the momentum.

The second half we would see why Caulfield sits on top of the ladder. They would control the third with some relentless running football and provide their big forwards with plenty of opportunities and get themselves back into the contest.

In a thrilling final term the Wellers would record one of our finest wins for the year with Hart & Allen kicking late goals to clinch a 11 point heart stopper!!

The boys had a lot of belief that they could get over the line and that’s a really promising sign for the remainder of a very competitive season.

Thanks to all support staff and a big thanks to all supporters who turned up on the day.

Goal Kickers: B. Hart 3, S. Powell 3, N. Adamson 2, J. Arnold 2, J. Allen, S. MacDonald
Best Players: B. Hart, J. Arnold, J. Allen, J. Edwards, S. Powell, H. Crothers

Anson Brownless
Senior Coach


1 Caulfield Grammarians 12 10 2 0 0 0 1330 801 166.04 40
2 Old Haileyburians 12 8 4 0 0 0 1205 820 146.95 32
3 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 12 7 5 0 0 0 873 947 92.19 28
4 Williamstown CYMS 12 6 6 0 0 0 1217 1058 115.03 24
5 Old Geelong 12 6 6 0 0 0 1058 953 111.02 24
6 Marcellin OC 12 6 6 0 0 0 1051 981 107.14 24
7 Old Camberwell Grammarians 12 6 6 0 0 0 946 1107 85.46 24
8 Old Mentonians 12 5 7 0 0 0 1035 1111 93.16 20
9 Hampton Rovers 12 4 8 0 0 0 721 1055 68.34 16
10 Kew AFC 12 2 10 0 0 0 687 1290 53.26 8

ReservesHaving achieving back-to-wins as a result of some exciting football recently the reserves were faced with the challenge of an undefeated Caulfield side that has barely been challenged this year. The boys have developed over the past month and are playing like a team that is genuinely enjoying their football and developing a real desire to improve and win games when the going gets tough. A very pleasing sign in the second half of the year is that we have beaten sides recently that have dominated us earlier in the season – reflecting the improvement across the group

The boys attacked this game from the start knowing that Caulfield were an organised and skilled side that probably hadn’t played under too much pressure all year. We were able to match it with Caulfield for the first quarter however struggled to maintain possession at times and were opened up across half forward where Caulfield were able to set up the majority of their goals for the quarter with some skilful kicking and multiple switches. However, we worked ourselves into the game with a narrow 4 point deficit at quarter time

We readjusted at quarter time to cut off their switch from our forward half and step up the pressure on their kickers to force several turnovers kicking 3.2 to 1.1 for the quarter and take a 9 point lead into half time. Tolson and Damooo McGuigan controlled the ball down back and provided plenty of direction, Herbstreit competed all over the ground in the ruck whilst DeSanctis provided a reliable target deep up forward. Mann was also having an impact and looked promising before injuring his leg whilst Kaiser, Taverner and Gilmorecontinued to apply plenty of pressure across our forward line  

Knowing Caulfield would respond, the boys stepped up another gear in the 3rd quarter. For the majority of the quarter we maintained our pressure, played an exciting brand of fast moving football and were able to break through their press with plenty of run and carry. We extended our lead to ~20 points only to find Caulfield peg back the margin to 7 points as we lapsed in our concentration over the final 5 minutes. Young and Boyce led the way from the middle whilst Cristiani and Stanboultgis had an impact at crucial times. Urwinwas playing his best game since returning from injury and would have had 6-8 intercept marks in the backline demonstrating his deceptive closing speed

We headed into the last quarter with an opposition having the momentum and this is a position we have been in several times this year only to be overrun. Caulfield were on top early kicking 2 goals and despite the ball being played mostly in their half, the rest of the quarter was a real arm wrestle. Our backline (with some extra support) repeatedly rebounded the ball and we were able to score quickly to break Caulfield’s momentum. Down to 2 men on the bench and with a lot of the boys out on their feet there were some courageous efforts from StaynerUrwin and Pepperrell who refused to stop running

Following successive points, Caulfield drew level with a couple of minutes to go but we were able to once again quickly rebound the ball and found ourselves marking the ball inside forward 50 within range with 1 minute to go. DeSanctis found space in the pocket closer to goal and marked with 30 seconds to go, he went back and slotted a goal around the corner to put us in front!! A wave of Camberwell players flooded back as the ball was bounced and the siren sounded with Camberwell winning by a goal

As satisfying as it was to get the win, from our point of view it was the fact that they boys responded when challenged and were able to grind out the game when the tank was almost running on empty that was most impressive. We have several more challenges against top sides coming up and with competition for spots increasing it should make for an interesting run home

Goal Kickers: D. De Sanctis 5, S. Kaiser 2, A. Gilmour, N. Russell, C. Young
Best Players: C. Urwin, G. Tolson, T. Pepperell, D. McGuigan, C. Young, S. Boyce

Chris Woodbridge
Reserves Assistant Coach


1 Marcellin OC 12 11 1 0 0 0 1224 459 266.67 44
2 Caulfield Grammarians 12 11 1 0 0 0 1257 476 264.08 44
3 Old Geelong 12 9 3 0 0 0 1123 587 191.31 36
4 Hampton Rovers 12 6 6 0 0 0 858 803 106.85 24
5 Old Camberwell Grammarians 12 6 6 0 0 0 879 852 103.17 24
6 Old Haileyburians 12 4 8 0 0 0 777 1089 71.35 16
7 Kew AFC 12 4 8 0 0 0 696 1012 68.77 16
8 Williamstown CYMS 12 4 8 0 0 0 568 1042 54.51 16
9 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 12 3 9 0 0 0 758 1035 73.24 12
10 Old Mentonians 12 2 10 0 0 0 531 1316 40.35 8


The women’s team played 4th place old Carey and after a good weeks training we were ready. The first quarter was tough with both sides going in quite hard and a lack of decisions from the umpires meant many tackles were unrewarded and many free kicks missed. Carey were having their share of the footy but our forward line was making the most of every opportunity and we led by 2 goals at quarter time.

The second was much the same and we extended our lead to 4 goals by the main break. The message at half time was to get it in quickly as their backline was struggling to control our key forwards and that’s what we did. We managed to hold Carey goalless after half time and won 13 goals to 2. The scores probably don’t reflect how hard the game was but despite some rather unnecessary rough play from the opposition we kept our discipline and more than matched Carey in our attack on the ball.

With two games to go and finals now a certainty the hard work begins. Well done on a great win.

Some outstanding performances on the day were Eloise Defina with 5 goals( left and right foot). Ashley Sturrock 4 goals at full forward proving us with a tall target.

Great to see Meg Harper get a goal and Cassandra Nolan was rewarded for her persistence and great first half with a goal. Rhiannon Green showed why she should have made the comp side with 2 great goals and numerous possessions all over the ground.

The forwards and wings played their roles especially with keeping the ball in attack with some great tackles. Sophie Bangs’running and bouncing was a highlight. The backline led by Stephanie Defina, Sam Bangs and Maggie Wilson continuously repelled Carey.

Our other on-ballers in Claire Wilson (who flew the flag when her sister was hit), Sam Anjou back from holidays and Dee Booth in the ruck gained plenty of possessions.

Overall it was a great team performance which was indicated by all girls featuring in the votes for this round. Probably our strength at the moment is everyone is contributing.

Unfortunately we say farewell to Dee and will miss her heaps.

Goal Kickers: E. Defina 5, A. Sturrock 4, R. Green 2, M. Harper, C. Nolan
Best Players: S. Bangs, R. Green, E. Defina, S. Elovaris, D. Booth, A. Sturrock

Ken Schwab
Women’s Coach


1 Old Camberwell 12 10 2 0 0 0 506 144 351.39 40
2 Collegians 12 8 4 0 0 0 345 181 190.61 32
3 Uhs-Vu Afc 12 7 5 0 0 0 407 313 130.03 28
4 Old Carey 12 6 6 0 0 0 296 299 99.00 24
5 Ivanhoe AFC 12 6 6 0 0 0 240 271 88.56 24
6 Oakleigh 11 5 6 0 0 1 245 312 78.53 24
7 SBMT / St Peters AFC 12 4 8 0 0 0 178 413 43.10 16
8 Yarra Old Grammarians 11 2 9 0 0 0 111 455 24.40 8


After a rare loss before the bye, the Unders returned to GBO determined to regain top spot on the ladder. With a number of players still away on holidays, the boys would need to be at their absolute best to prevent consecutive losses for the first time this season.

The coaches reinforced the importance of a quick start, and led by Mascitelli, the midfield won early clearances and Camberwell kicked the opening two goals of the game. At the other end of the ground, we found ourselves ball watching at times, which allowed Hampton to take a number of uncontested marks in their forward 50, from which they converted. Hampton got a run on and would finish the quarter with 6 unanswered goals.

Unfazed by the 4 goal deficit, Camberwell lifted their intensity around the ball in the second quarter. West generated strong run from the half-back line and new recruit Dalla Riva provided a mobile target up forward. The quarter proved to be an arm-wrestle and Camberwell did well to peg the margin back to two goals at the main break.

The third quarter was another fierce tussle, with neither side able to break away and kick out to a commanding lead. The back six were sensational all day, led by Henderson and Donaghey, with Percy also taking several strong marks in the defensive 50. A number of mental lapses allowed Hampton players to sneak forward unmanned, but some outstanding one on one efforts from Wong and Tan ensured that the quarter became a repeat of the second term, restricting Hampton to a single goal whilst we managed three of our own to take a one point lead into the final break.

With a finals berth and potential top-two finish on the line, the boys were asked to dig deep and leave everything out on the park during the final 25 minutes. The Unders thrived on the pressure and played, without a doubt, their most impressive quarter for the year. Powell was unstoppable in the forward 50, whilst Holding and Everitt continually drove the ball forward from the middle of the ground. Elliot took a courageous mark and calmly converted his second goal to put the result beyond doubt and mark the Unders most important win of the season.

Thank you to the injured players and parents for their support on the day. With over 35 players making strong contributions across the course of the season, pressure for spots is intensifying, so it is it is paramount that all players make the effort to get down to training and earn their place in the best 22 whilst we continue to build as a group leading into finals.

Goal Kickers: L. Powell 8, J. Elliott 2, S. Terriaca, S. Everett, J. Oliver
Best Players: L. Powell, J. Holding, A. Dalla-Riva, S. Everett, J. Elliott, M. Henderson

Gavin Powell
U19 Coach


1 De La Salle 11 9 2 0 0 1 1093 511 213.89 40
2 Old Camberwell Grammarians 12 9 3 0 0 0 1089 559 194.81 36
3 Oakleigh 12 9 3 0 0 0 998 617 161.75 36
4 WIlliamstown CYMS 11 7 4 0 0 1 816 777 105.02 32
5 St Bedes / Mentone Tigers AFC 11 6 5 0 0 1 870 676 128.70 28
6 Melbourne High School Old Boys 12 7 5 0 0 0 900 730 123.29 28
7 Aquinas OC 12 5 7 0 0 0 802 795 100.88 20
8 Hampton Rovers 12 4 8 0 0 0 753 873 86.25 16
9 La Trobe University 11 3 8 0 0 0 565 1054 53.61 12
10 Old Paradians 12 3 9 0 0 0 568 1113 51.03 12
11 Fitzroy FC 11 1 10 0 0 0 280 1461 19.16 8
12 Peninsula OB 12 1 11 0 0 0 629 1152 54.60 4