Round 14 Review

A Tough Weekend at the office but plenty to be very proud of for the Wellers
On the face of our results, you might be forgiven for thinking it was a dark day for Old Camberwell. While we always play to win, football is a tough and often uncompromising game and results don’t always go your way.But as you read through the reports, I hope you’ll realise there is much to celebrate and plenty to be heartened by from our teams performances. From our Women’s narrow loss to the undefeated side in their division, the 50+ point turnarounds for our Men’s and Women’s Reserve teams, the hardness of our depleted Thirds to play through injury or the final quarter pride our Men’s Ones found, we are developing character even at the toughest of moments. We will look back on these games, these moments and remember when we found a little more and that character discovered will find its way into a hardness that will lead to victory. It will make us stronger if we take the lessons and grow together. 

I will write again Friday but an early note that this Sunday our Women’s Teams will play their final games of the season away to Mazenod OC. We would love to see a big crowd to show our appreciation to our amazing girls who have played their hearts out this year. We have so much to celebrate with the creation of our Reserves Team this year and our Seniors stepping up a grade and continuing to create a team that can compete at the higher level and win. There is so much more to come and we’re so incredibly lucky to have our WellsWomen.

A gentle reminder re the dates below –

  • Wellsmen Lunch – Saturday August 11th @ GBO 12 noon start. Please contact Alex Dance, Justine Elliott or myself. All are welcome.
  • Final Day Spit Roast – Saturday August 25th @ GBO 12 noon start. An invite will go out shortly and please reply if you can make it so we can cater accordingly.

Enjoy the rest of the week and we look forward to seeing you this Saturday at our away games.

​Come on the Wells.

Adam Kyriacou


Having won a couple in a row, giving us renewed confidence, the Seniors went into the weekend’s game against the top team (and undefeated) West Brunswick believing we could cause an upset.

We knew it would require us to be switched on and committed for four quarters, so falling behind by two goals in the first five minutes was not an ideal start. However, it was the kick start that saw us turn it around with 10 or so minutes of tough, scintillating football that cut up West Brunswick and left them a bit shell shocked at quarter time.

The turnaround came through contributions all over the ground. We tightened up down back by switching Edi from the wing to full back. Along with the existing match ups, it meant we had their smaller, mobile forward line covered to a large degree. In the middle, Meg and Dee were interchanging in the ruck and winning most of the taps, which were being scooped up by Gab and Clare, who were feeding them out to Soph, El and others to continuously drive us forward. Across the forward line we looked the most dangerous we have all year. We took advantage of our quick ball movement through the middle, getting it into MaggieChelsea and Ash who were holding their marks. The result was two quick goals to Chelsea and El, meaning we trailed by two points going into the second.

With momentum, we continued to match it with West Brunswick, out playing them and controlling large periods of the second quarter. In particular, our captains really stepped up and displayed outstanding leadership. Steph and Sam were patrolling the defensive half of the ground, ensuring we covered off and set up strongly behind the ball. Meanwhile Maggie was playing out of her skin. Throwing herself at contest after contest, in the air and on the ground, with or without the footy. Similarly, NatRosie (on her Senior debut), Tracey and Iz followed suit by harassing around the ground. Putting their bodies on the line at every opportunity and playing beyond what their physical size might suggest. This pressure is what kept us in the game. The only thing that separated the two teams at halftime, was their classy Number 38 who converted two opportunistic goals from limited opportunities.

During the halftime break the focus was on maintaining the qualities and belief we had shown up until then. The coaches set the challenge of pulling the score back, so we were within a kick or two at the final change. If we could do this, we knew we would give ourselves every chance to go on and win.

An exciting quarter ensued, as we produced our best 20 minutes of football to date. With everyone playing their role, we were indisputably looking like the more dominant side. A goal each to Soph and Gab completed a trio of goals from our midfield. And a couple of near misses could have easily put us in front. Instead, West Brunswick were awarded a dubious goal from a set shot marked on the line by Sam, which gave them a nine-point lead going into the last quarter.

Having clawed back a two-goal deficit for the second time in the game, the final quarter was something of an anti-climax, mixed with misfortune. West Brunswick got an early goal, following which we continued to apply forward pressure. But a head injury to one of their players ate up 10 minutes of time (the clock doesn’t stop under VAFA women’s rules), which effectively killed the game. A final goal sealed it for them, as we went down by 21 points.

It was an honourable loss, but one in which we would have been a deserved winner. We more than matched by far the most dominant team in the division who have regularly won by 50-plus points. Moreover, we did it with three less players on the bench, which, due to injuries, became even more as the game wore on. Added to this, our full backline was made up of three girls who have only progressed to the senior team in the latter part of the season (one playing her first game), while our starting midfield all began 2018 in different positions. To a large extent it points to the impact of significant injuries and omissions we have had this year, but more importantly it points to just how much exciting potential there is in the playing group. As much as losses can be savoured, this was one of those. We now look to finishing the season with a win against Mazenod, which should lift us to a ladder position more reflective of where we are at.

Thanks to all the helpers and fantastic support we received on Saturday. I overheard West Brunswick players and supporters comment on this multiple times. Credit to all.

Goal Kickers: C. Dyer, E. Defina, S. Bangs, G. Opray
Best Players: M. Wilson, S. Defina, S. Anjou, G. Opray, E. Kaehne, N. Edwards

Ken Schwab & Andrew Romanin
Women’s Coaches


1 West Brunswick 13 13 0 0 0 0 701 209 335.41 52
2 St Mary’s Salesian 13 9 4 0 0 0 630 278 226.62 36
3 Monash Blues 13 8 4 1 0 0 445 262 169.85 34
4 Old Geelong 13 8 5 0 0 0 340 338 100.59 32
5 Collegians 13 5 7 1 0 0 284 439 64.69 22
6 Brunswick Renegades 13 4 9 0 0 0 273 406 67.24 16
7 Old Camberwell 13 4 9 0 0 0 255 447 57.05 16
8 Mazenod OC 13 0 13 0 0 0 222 771 28.79 0

Women Reserves

After taking on second place Old Geelong last weekend, we travelled to McAllister Reserve to take on the top side West Brunswick who had beaten us by 136 points in Round 7. Starting the game with only 20 players available, we knew that we couldn’t let the opposition get away from us in the first quarter.

The opening quarter saw us get off to a strong start as we got on top in the centre clearances and stopped West Brunswick getting out the back of the contests as we shut down there players. Our tackling pressure and work rate was our strongest first quarter effort all year. We attacked the ball at pace and our play in congestion combined with our defensive work ensured that the opposition couldn’t get any easy possessions. With our midfield leading the way in close with Katie, Lucy, Steph Elovaris and Rach we were showing great fight and setting the standard for how the game would be played. Despite our consistent pressure we were unable to hit the scoreboard ourselves but managed to keep West Brunswick to 8 points at quarter time.

The second term West Brunswick managed to move the ball in to their forward line and despite our best efforts we were unable to lock the opposition down and stop them from putting the pressure on the scoreboard. Despite the continued work of our midfield at stoppages and our defenders playing accountable football, West Brunswick managed to get goal side a few too many times as well as spotting up some targets in their forward line and quickly put on 3 goals before we again showed great spirit to work our way back in to the game. We finished the half trailing by 34 points.  Phoebe was relentless in her endeavours and attack  throughout the game and continued to impact the contest.

Opening the second half, the start of the third term was much like our first as we locked down the outside run of West Brunswick and ensured that they couldn’t get goal side . Our defenders worked hard to go back to the accountable football that we played in the first term with Kath, Sarah and Alex Osborne all showing great composure around the defensive line, while Greta continued to attack from defence, reading the play and providing run all day. Our forward line worked hard with SavKate and Smithy presenting hard and ensuring that we had plenty of options, and Smithy showed great positioning as she continued to take intercept marks and set-up entries in to the forward line. Unfortunately we were again unable to capitalise on the inside 50’s.  Georgia was at the contest and made great position and was fierce in her efforts. Our dominance in the ruck continued as Jess won taps at will and cleared the congestion and worked hard all day with Alice to ensure that our midfielders had plenty of opportunities.  With all our hard work we maintained West Brunswick to only 3 points for the quarter .

In the final term we managed to get the ball and the team’s effort was highlighted by Eliza, who had continued to work hard to make the right position and managed to take one of the great marks of the year as she held her opponent at bay. The hard work of the previous quarters were topped off when Emilia snapped from the pocket to kick our first goal of the game and was a reflection of the hard work that she had been putting in. Jade B worked hard on the wing to get defensive and help out our defenders. West Brunswick managed to put on 3 goals late in the quarter as our rotations became limited and the girls had worked hard to maintain the intensity for 4 quarters. It was great to see Prue work hard playing defence, forward and on-ball as she kept going through the middle of the ground and impacted contest after contest. Eventually we were unable to hold West Brunswick as they ran out winners by 65 points.

Despite the scoreline blowing out late in the game, we had taken the contest up to West Brunswick for most of the game and showed great improvement from the first time we had taken them on. Our endeavour and intensity were incredible as we continued to run all day.  A huge thanks to all those who came down early to support the team and help out on the day it has been great to have the support each week.

We look forward to the final game on Sunday against Mazenod as we look to finish of the season.

Goal Kickers: E. Fuller
Best Players: J. Sincock, G. Smith, R. Brazzale, G. Kaehne, E. Jessup, K. Mckenzie

Alex Mackenzie
Women’s Reserves Coach


1 West Brunswick AFC 13 12 1 0 0 0 1031 161 640.37 48
2 Old Geelong 13 11 2 0 0 0 1121 115 974.78 44
3 St Mary’s Salesian 13 11 2 0 0 0 927 220 421.36 44
4 Brunswick Renegades 13 7 6 0 0 0 330 472 69.92 28
5 Collegians 12 3 9 0 0 0 224 769 29.13 12
6 Old Camberwell Grammarians 13 3 10 0 0 0 158 794 19.90 12
7 Monash Blues 12 2 10 0 0 1 152 819 18.56 12
8 Mazenod 13 2 11 0 0 0 188 790 23.80 8


In another challenging affair for the thirds, the boys rallied to ensure we were able to get up for the week in tremendous spirit. In the same spirit, we were able to ensure that we were combative and in the first half took it right up to Mazenod, who were placed forth on the ladder. With tremendous efforts from Matt Teseriero and Angelo Viola in the backline, we were right in the contest going into half time.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of time playing as a group with a number of new faces in the team, injuries and loss of rotations, Mazenod were far too good in the third, kicking away to a strong lead and cementing the game going into the final break. However, the boys again showed they were made of stronger stuff and everyone put in to ensure that we were not beaten lightly and made it a contest right to the final siren. Steven Cunningham had his best day for a while, Matt Hazicostas and Tyler Phelps continued with their development, playing most of the game in the midfield.

Special mention must also go to many other blokes played through injury and sickness to ensure that we could compete as a team. It was a very tough day at the office and I was immensely proud of the boys in their fight and toil.
With only two games to go, we are looking forward to finishing the year on a high with a very winnable game against St Marys away this week.

Goal Kickers: A. Lacki, T. Canetti, P. Dennis
Best Players: S. Cunningham, T. Phelps, M. Tesoriero, A. Viola, J. Alexeyeff, M. Hatzikostas

Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach


1 St Bernards 14 11 3 0 0 0 1389 722 192.38 44
2 Old Carey 13 8 4 1 1 0 978 752 130.05 38
3 Mazenod 13 8 5 0 0 1 990 826 119.85 36
4 Marcellin OC 14 8 5 1 0 0 1081 1041 103.84 34
5 Old Geelong 14 6 8 0 0 0 868 963 90.13 24
6 P E G S 13 4 8 1 0 1 871 848 102.71 22
7 Old Camberwell Grammarians 13 3 10 0 0 1 606 1117 54.25 16
8 St Mary’s Salesian 12 3 8 1 0 0 678 1278 53.05 14


Coming off seven wins in a row the Seniors were confident going into the game against second placed Fitzroy, especially after a stirring victory against our opponents earlier in the year.

The tone of the game was set early, and unfortunately it was not pretty for the Camberwell boys.  A fierce Fitzroy side was quickly into stride, not giving our boys any space when we got the ball, and moving it with pace and precision when they got hold of the pill.  We struggled around the contest with Jimmy Allen off the ground after a knock to the nose and Chook Hensby effectively blanketed by a tagger (testament to the great form Chook has been in over the last month).  When we did manage to get the ball forward Alex Taverner was busy, but the well organised  Fitzroy defence forced him wide to find the ball.  A strong mark and accurate kick by Nick Adamson resulted in our only goal for the quarter.

Scoreboard wise, the second quarter was our most productive, as we added three goals.  Robbie Campbell was dangerous up forward and kicked two for the quarter, and Nick Adamson added another.  Despite being comprehensively outplayed we were 25 points down at half-time and not without a chance.

However, Fitzroy’s dominance in general play translated into scoreboard pressure in the third term as they added seven goals to one.  Had it not been for the outstanding efforts of Robbie Deev and Simon Bennett down back it would have been far worse.

Trailing by 58 points at three quarter time, the game had the potential to turn into a horror show, and to be quite candid, in previous years it may well have.  To our boys credit, we dug in and broke even in the last quarter scoring two goals each.  Kellan Percy tried manfully against the 211cm beanpole, while Josh Holding stuck to his task well in limiting his effectiveness of their gun midfielder.  Ben Hart and Joe Arnold tried hard all day and won plenty of the football.

In analysing our loss a number of points shone through.  We did not cope well with their intense pressure and turned the ball over 37 times, which made life extremely tough for our backline.  Fitzroy’s ability to flood back and then run hard forward after winning the ball back left us out position too often.  And most importantly, Fitzroy are a good side who played extremely well and we were poor on the day.

All in all, there are plenty of things to work on, but we sit fourth on the ladder for a reason.  We need to regroup and learn the lessons from Saturday, just as Fitzroy did after their loss to us earlier in the year.  A tough game at Ivanhoe awaits – we look forward to getting back onto the winners list.

Goal Kickers: R. Campbell 4, N. Adamson 2, M. Powell
Best Players: R. Campbell, J. Holding, R. Deev, R. West, B. Hart, S. Bennett

Anson Brownless
Men’s Senior Coach


1 Williamstown CYMS 14 13 1 0 0 0 1662 771 215.56 52
2 Fitzroy FC 14 12 2 0 0 0 1515 800 189.38 48
3 Old Geelong 14 9 5 0 0 0 1202 1046 114.91 36
4 Old Camberwell Grammarians 14 9 5 0 0 0 1136 1091 104.12 36
5 PEGS Football Club 14 7 7 0 0 0 1034 1139 90.78 28
6 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 14 6 8 0 0 0 1316 1229 107.08 24
7 Marcellin OC 14 6 8 0 0 0 1067 1179 90.50 24
8 Old Mentonians 14 4 10 0 0 0 1049 1264 82.99 16
9 Peninsula 14 3 11 0 0 0 856 1501 57.03 12
10 St Mary’s Salesian 14 1 13 0 0 0 998 1815 54.99 4
Men Reserves

Top team Fitzroy headed up the Eastern Freeway to the “Barnyard” keen to inflict another heavy defeat on our boys, who have struggled to kick a score in recent weeks. They certainly appeared keen as their Coach had them at the ground at 10.20 am meeting mid ground & their pre-match warm-up seemed to go for an eternity.

We welcomed players up from the 3s, Steve Richards to replace Jase Edwards, who failed to come up for the game and also the “raging bull”, Fraser Mascitelli, who has had an injury interrupted season.

Our boys were up for the challenge though, having been forced all week into the Collingwood training jumpers, and playing the role of the opposition in our training drills. It certainly helped give them an edge and they certainly came out of the blocks quickly, scoring the first couple of goals before the Roy boys awoke from their slumber. It is pleasing to report that we kept at them and went into the first break 8 points in arrears.

Lots of excitement in the huddle as we were taking it up to the opposition. It does go to show though that if that urgency and intent dips, the quality opposition will seize the opportunity and score a couple of quick goals to put a break on our endeavours.
Louis Campbell was in everything in the midfield and he certainly gave the team great with his bustling, hard charging approach to the loose ball. Mick Jenkin was showing his versatility in the middle as well but he was also showing his team mates how to score around the goal face by marking strongly in contested scenarios and snapping truly. Even the Mailman Matty Cottrell was getting into the game with a classic goal on the run taking the opportunity presented when following his opponent upfield.

Big Zach Herbstreit spent more time up forward this week, using his height to advantage and was also able to snag a couple of goals as well. He was complemented by Scotty Kaiser, who chimed in for a couple as well, in a welcome return to form in front of the goals.

The final quarter was a real positive for us and the boys were able to outscore the opposition and finish 4 goals down, a significant improvement on previous encounter when the Lions defeated us by in excess of 80 points.

It is pleasing to report that the determination displayed early was carried through the majority of the match and we look forward to taking some serious scalps over the remainder of the season to finish with at least a 9/9 season.

Goal Kickers: M. Jenkin 2, Z. Herbstreit 2, S. Kaiser 2, M. Cottrell, S. Richards, J. Huntsman
Best Players: L. Campbell, C. Young, A. Bongiorno, M. Cottrell, T. Pepperell, J. Wilson

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach


1 Fitzroy FC 14 13 1 0 0 0 1386 488 284.02 52
2 Williamstown CYMS 14 11 2 1 0 0 1330 565 235.40 46
3 Old Geelong 14 11 3 0 0 0 1274 543 234.62 44
4 Marcellin OC 14 8 5 1 0 0 1000 694 144.09 34
5 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 14 8 6 0 0 0 1156 815 141.84 32
6 PEGS Football Club 14 6 8 0 0 0 856 814 105.16 24
7 Old Camberwell Grammarians 13 5 8 0 0 1 686 905 75.80 24
8 St Mary’s Salesian 14 4 10 0 0 0 821 1065 77.09 16
9 Peninsula 14 2 12 0 0 0 552 1284 42.99 8
10 Old Mentonians 13 0 13 0 0 0 288 2220 12.97 0