Round 18 Review

Strong Finish to the Regular Season
Spring was in the air on Saturday at GBO and what a weekend of beautiful weather and sensational wins by both the Seniors and Reserves playing their last home and away games.

The sun was shining, supporters gathered as the BBQ was simmering and there was a large sense of victory looming against Old Peninsula for both games.

The Ressie’s jumped out of the blocks and put the pressure on early and continued for four quarters of competitive, aggressive and consolidating football to eventually win by 99 points, fantastic finish to a season with some very respectful wins and losses which formulated the final position of 6th on the ladder. A massive thank you for Tim Killworth for coaching throughout  the year and for the leadership group continually supporting Killer in his relentless search for the “downhill skiers” from Old Geelong- classic comment at ¾ time, round 4.

Voluntary support is the guiding hand at football clubs and we would like to extend with much gratitude our biggest thanks to our full time volunteer boundary umpire Andy Lane who rain hail or shine committed for the season and stepped up to help, very much appreciated. Other volunteers such as Andrew Wilson, Rob Terriaca, Justin Urwin, Ian Percy and Tony Holding, thank you so much for taking on a role and making the game days a true success, sensational effort.

The best finals campaign in 7 years has been the result of hard work and determination to improve every game and geez the Seniors also gave it to Old Peninsula, a beautiful win with all playing vital roles around the ground for a 104 point victory, magic stuff.

The Seniors have cemented their finals place finishing fourth and having a sensational wins during the season most significantly against Marcellin twice- (what a wonderful joy) and  very convincingly against Fitzroy while making the finals after 7 years is a true reflection of the tireless efforts of players and coaching staff. This season has seen our teams learning to win and not backing down while also respecting our fellow players by “having a dip” and being relentless in the pathway to success.

The elimination final is on this SUNDAY 2nd September at 2pm against Old Geelong at the Bill Lawry Oval in Northcote, grab your mates, old team mates, partners and get down to support the mighty Wellers in the final series, best of luck and what a way to celebrate Father’s Day…….

Boyd Elliot
Vice President



The Wellers would end the season on a high with a 105 point victory in front of a large home crowd and book a spot in the finals after a 7 year absence from September.

The boys would start with some scintillating end to end football resulting in a 10 goal first half. Our work rate was up and Peninsula would succumb time and time again to our relentless pressure. Our back 6 led by BennettDeev Wells would completely shut out our opponents playing some classic sling shot football. Sam Boyce was dominating his wing and midfielders HoldingHensby Brettingham Moore were in complete control though the middle.

Unfortunately for Peninsula we would continue our march to finals with the boys kicking a further 12 goals in the second half in a dominant display. Nick Adamson would continue his fine year with a best on ground display at CHF kicking 7 goals and was well supported by Nick Latsas kicking 5. We would have 9 goal kickers for the day and run away with prefect tune up for next weeks big final against the dangerous Old Geelong.

Look forward to seeing you all at Bill Lawry Oval on Sunday.

Goal Kickers: N. Adamson 7, N. Latsas 5, S. Bennett 2, A. Brettingham-Moore 2, M. Powell 2, F. Wells, J. Edwards, C. Hensby, S. Boyce
Best Players: N. Adamson, S. Boyce, R. Deev, N. Latsas, W. Dalrymple, J. Holding

Anson Brownless
Men’s Senior Coach


1 Williamstown CYMS 18 16 2 0 0 0 2031 1070 189.81 64
2 Fitzroy FC 18 15 3 0 0 0 1904 1064 178.95 60
3 Old Geelong 18 12 6 0 0 0 1654 1291 128.12 48
4 Old Camberwell Grammarians 18 11 7 0 0 0 1589 1382 114.98 44
5 Marcellin OC 18 9 9 0 0 0 1505 1423 105.76 36
6 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 18 7 11 0 0 0 1595 1657 96.26 28
7 Old Mentonians 18 7 11 0 0 0 1365 1561 87.44 28
8 PEGS Football Club 18 7 11 0 0 0 1245 1463 85.10 28
9 Peninsula 18 5 13 0 0 0 1096 1842 59.50 20
10 St Mary’s Salesian 18 1 17 0 0 0 1194 2425 49.24 4

Men Reserves

The final round of the Home & Away season was never going to be allowed to pass without a theme for the match, at home in the beautiful Melbourne early spring sunshine against the old rival Peninsula Pirates.

Scoring the Goals required to secure a win. When it’s your turn to Go – Go! Taking responsibility when you do Go and Finish Well!

Neither of these statements had been achieved consistently enough all season, hence our struggles to put scores on the board against opposition that continually strangled our efforts, our talent and our flair.

Well I am happy to say that 18 weeks into the season our boys finally achieved a score line to be proud of, thumping the visitors by a 99 point margin, and this was done with a 22 player contribution.

First, let me say a big thankyou to Benny EbbageChristian GormanMichael HookFraser Mascitelli and Mike Schuman who made themselves available to fill the injury and unavailability gaps that arose during the week. I’m sorry, but in my wildest dreams I could not imagine passing up the opportunity to play in a winning game of footy at GBO, to instead go to the snow. Maybe I’m getting a bit crotchety as I grow up but I’ll never quite understand the thought processes of some people who commit to a team sport then choose to head off up a hill where it is bloody freezing!

Enough of my ramblings, let’s talk about the highlights of the day – Wingers kicking goals (Scotty Kaiser with 3, Alex Bongiorno with 2, and Matty Todd chiming in with one beauty scored On the Run). The skipper Charlie Urwin, returning from a calf injury, moving forward, and scoring three Q.4 goals from contested marks, Jimmy Wilson, playing up forward as our key focal point and looking more like Nick Riewoldt with 4 magnificent majors. These efforts were complemented by big Zach Herbstreit also chiming in with a couple of beauties and Taylor “Lazarus” Stone casting aside his crutches, required earlier in the week because of a troublesome ankle, to pop up with two ripper Q.4 goals as well. This was on top of his season high 12 handballs given off during the match.

Seriously, what a wonderful way to complete a fair season overall. The team finished in 6th spot with 7 wins. We will talk a bit more about the overall effort in the season in review commentary is delivered at season end, suffice to say, two wins at the back end of the season rounded the year out reasonably. Not quite a Pass mark, but with plenty to work on.

Final Scores: Old Camberwell 22.15.147 def. Peninsula Old Boys 7.6.48

As the Senior XV111 move into their finals campaign, it would be most appreciated by all concerned that we all get down and support the boys in order to ensure they go deep into the upcoming finals series.

See you at the footy one and all.

Goal Kickers: J. Wilson 4, C. Urwin 3, S. Kaiser 3, T. Stone 2, Z. Herbstreit 2, A. Bongiorno 2, N. Benson, J. Huntsman, B. Warburton, M. Schumann, A. Vickery, M. Todd
Best Players: C. Young, J. Wilson, T. Stone, A. Vickery, T. Vogel, C. Urwin

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach


1 Fitzroy FC 18 16 2 0 0 0 1948 601 324.13 64
2 Old Geelong 18 15 3 0 0 0 1599 657 243.38 60
3 Williamstown CYMS 18 14 3 1 0 0 1647 687 239.74 58
4 Marcellin OC 18 12 5 1 0 0 1442 810 178.02 50
5 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 18 9 9 0 0 0 1338 1122 119.25 36
6 Old Camberwell Grammarians 17 7 10 0 0 1 956 1178 81.15 32
7 PEGS Football Club 17 6 11 0 0 1 972 1189 81.75 28
8 St Mary’s Salesian 18 4 14 0 0 0 992 1403 70.71 16
9 Peninsula 18 3 15 0 0 0 688 1651 41.67 12
10 Old Mentonians 16 1 15 0 0 0 369 2719 13.57 4