Round 3 Review

What a great group of players and supporters we have at Old Camberwell


What a difference a week makes and I’m not just talking about the weather. Based on last week’s conditions who would blame you if you donned the scarf and beanie and put the gumboot warmers in! Well, you would have fried on Saturday that’s for sure and you would have joined me as I forgot to don the sunscreen and frazzled my forehead good and proper. Thanks Boydy for the cap although you sure can work up a sweat!

Foreheads weren’t the only thing a little frazzled on the weekend as our Men’s Seniors and Reserves took a small but determined torch to Old Ivanhoe in our first home games of the season. A stunning performance by our boys and while our Thirds couldn’t quite get over the line, we have so much to be proud of the way they played, helped with roles and are involving themselves around the club.

While I sadly couldn’t be in two places at once on Saturday, I was absolutely pumped when the news came through that our Women’s 2’s had just celebrated their first win for OCGAFC! This is an huge achievement for Macca and his team, many who are brand new to football and our club. Congratulations all on a sensational first win. We will celebrate with you Thursday night.

Our Women’s Seniors played another spirited game against rivals Collegians and while going down, are demonstrating incredible grit, determination and fighting spirit against the odds. We have sustained 13 injuries over the last few weeks and clearly the club is genuinely concerned. We are looking into injury prevention programs and ensuring we do all we can to support our fantastic girls.

I could not be more proud of the way our players are approaching this season. We are extremely lucky to have such a great group and thank you for all your efforts both on and off the field.  A special thanks to all our coaches – it is seriously impressive the amount of work and passion you put into your roles and we’ve lucky to have you.

A bye this week for our Women’s teams and hope to see you at one of our other games.

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Come on the Wells.

Adam Kyriacou

ThirdsSaturdays game produced some of the best football from an OCGAFC Thirds team for over two years, with the boys ready and raring to go at the bounce. Up against a formidable side in PEGS, the boys fought hard in the contest, and dominating passages of play at times. While the scoreboard reflected a tight tussle, the mood of the group throughout the day was that the boys were right in the contest.

Matt Todd was pivotal in defense, cutting off kicks and allowing us to set up offensively again and again and again. Scott Kaiser kicked an unbelievable goal just before half-time, when he wheal-housed a kick while the ball was in mid-air through the goals to get Camberwell within three points at the main break.

Following on from that, the boys lead the charge, with Steven Cunningham and Lachlan Bannister working well as our primary forward duo, while Tom Owen proved to be damaging with his run and bounce across the wing. Once again it was the boys who ran through the midfield that led the charge, and who were able to get Camberwell into a winning position at three quarter time.

However, as the weather warmed up and the legs became heavier, it was our formidable opponents who were able to adapt to the conditions better and were better able to apply the pressure on the scoreboard. In the end we lost by two goals, in one that definitely got away, however it was a marked improvement from the previous weeks effort and I am sure that the boys will be out to make a statement third up this week.

Goal Kickers: S. Kaiser 3, L. Bannister 2, D. Dick, N. Troy, J. Alexeyeff
Best Players: L. Bannister, D. Dick, C. Gorman, S. Kaiser, T. Owen, M. Todd

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Ben Ebbage
Third’s Coach

Women ReservesAfter improvement last week and coming up against Collegians we knew that we would need to be on from the start to come away with the chocolates. With a full bench this week we knew that we would need to run and support for four quarters. Despite Collegians kicking the first two goals of the game we fought hard to wrestle back control of the game. Once our defence started to find their feet, and all lines across the ground worked in to the play we shut down Collegians loose players. The team was rewarded for the hard work with Sav kicking two goals in the opening term to ensure that we were in the game on the scoreboard after we had the majority of the play throughout the quarter.

In the second quarter we controlled the play for the first 15minutes with our midfield giving us first use of the ball. It was great to see a number of girls finish off the hard work with Alice, Laura and Emelia F all kicking their first goals for the club, while the skipper Alex Osborne led hard and made good position  With dominant work around the ground from our midfield with Jane C, Edi, Lucy  and Kate giving us first use of the ball. Our forward pressure again was a highlight as we tackled and fought to keep the ball in our forward half. Thanks to the pressure we finished the half leading by 14 points.

The third quarter was an arm wrestle as Collegians managed to get the upper hand early and kick 2 goals. Thanks to our defence with Sarah, Hannah, Dale, Prue, Eliza, Phoebe, a Rosie and Tracey all working hard we managed to shutdown the Collegians attack. Whilst we were unable to score ourselves was really positive to see a number of players play in different positions as well as the new inclusions of Carly, Georgia and Katie working their way in to the game and contributing.

Heading in to last quarter with a narrow lead we knew that we needed to start well. The girls came out firing as we managed to get the ball forward and maintain pressure In our forward line. Our defensive line was rock solid and continued to clear the ball and work together to shut down Wesley to ensure that they couldn’t get the loose number and when Sav kicked truly again and Sarah worked hard forward from the backline to kick her first goal we had taken a 16 point lead. With support in the forward line from Sertic and Song. The girls continued to work hard and ensure that we got our first win of the year.

The contributions of all players was exceptional and as we continue to work hard at training. It was a great win, with a number of new players again this week and the continual improvement we have made each week it was a spirited and determined team effort. A special thanks to Stef and Steph for their help! While it was also great to see another Kihaene down to take care of the goal umpiring!

Goal Kickers: S. Dunwell 3, A. Fly, L. Chesney, S. Kaehne, E. Fuller
Best Players: S. Dunwell, E. Fuller, E. Kaehne, L. Chesney, A. Fly, S. Kaehne

Alex MacKenzie
Women’s Reserves Coach


After a slow start to the season the Wellers saluted the year with an outstanding team effort against an in form Old Ivanhoe.

The boys have endured tough couple of weeks on the road and were keen to play our first home game on the big open spaces at our beloved GBO.  Robbie Campbell came back into the side to give some much needed confidence in the ruck and Chris Hensby returned to add some bite around the middle.

The focus before the game was accountability all over the ground and to not give our opponents any space to set up their many dangerous forwards. The plan was executed well from the outset as we controlled the game early stopping our opponents in their tracks and getting multiple forward entries. We went into the main break with a handy 16 point lead.

The third quarter would see our game go to another level with some great composure from our backs led by DeevBennettCam Wilson & newcomer Mitch Smith who were marking everything and becoming impossible to pass. Our talented midfielders HartHensby Allen were loving first use of the footy and were getting plenty of ball around the ground through our dominant rucks Campbell Herbstreit. Everyone was playing their role and Old Ivanhoe would start to turn the ball over because of our fierce pressure and attack on the man. Our boys were running in waves through the middle and providing forwards Tom Kanz – 6 goals – & A Tavenor – 4 goals – with plenty of opportunities.

Our work rate (32 tackles) was the most pleasing thing to come out of the day and we were rewarded in the end with a comfortable 51 point win. Next week we face Old Geelong away as we look to push our way up the ladder in what is shaping up to be a very even Premier C division this year. The challenge for the group is to bring their A game on a consistent basis.

We hope to see you all next week at Como. Thanks to all those who helped on the day.

Goal Kickers: T. Kanz 6, A. Taverner 4, C. Hensby 2, R. Campbell, J. Arnold, N. Latsas, J. Allen
Best Players: S. Bennett, T. Kanz, N. Adamson, B. Hart, A. Taverner, C. Wilson

Anson Brownless
Senior Coach

WomenAnother tough outing for the Seniors in what has proved to be an unlucky couple of weeks on the injury front. In the past two games around a dozen players have sustained injuries ranging from ACLs to fractures and concussions, so it was unfortunate the clash against Collegians, our biggest rival from last year, came at such a difficult time. Without making excuses, we have found ourselves slightly undermanned in key positions and experience as a result of this unlucky streak – we finished Saturday’s game with 16 fit players. But it’s extremely pleasing that those who have come in, have given their all and not taken a backward step.
Collegians dominated the early periods of the game with some physically imposing new recruits in the midfield. However, as we have demonstrated in the first three rounds this year, we are defensively very solid and tough to break down. Sam BangsGab and Bec were disciplined and rarely beaten by their opponents in the opening exchanges, which allowed us to regularly rebound off half back and attempt to get our running game going. We looked faster and more composed than the previous week as we purposefully tried to feed the ball to running receivers, which unfortunately at times were slightly out of sync or slightly over possessed the footy.

The hard running continued into the first 6-7 minutes of the second quarter as we pushed forward in numbers and began to win a share of the clearances. El Defina and Clare have adapted well to their move into running regularly in the midfield, and alongside Sara and Brig Howell, are getting better week-by-week. All four are dangerous, finding good position and giving themselves the chance to win plenty of the ball, as they did in the second quarter. The forward line pressure and tackling, led by Nat and Rachael, was also much improved. This allowed us to get a goal back through Rachael, who read the ball off a big forward line contest to kick her first for the club. However, Collegians’ ability to outnumber us at the contest, and some basic skill errors, shifted the momentum back their way in the latter part of the half.

Despite there being aspects of our play that we could lift and improve on, trailing by only three points at the half, we had put ourselves in a strong position to go on and win the game.

Unfortunately, the second half played out much like that of the previous two weeks as we ran out of legs and personnel, and the forward line opportunities dried up. The loss of Meg, who had been matching a strong and capable Collegians ruck duo, left it up to Jess to step up and ruck the entire second half. She did an outstanding job as she tirelessly stuck to the task, winning a fair share of the taps and working around the ground as a second tall option. Another tireless display came from Amelia at centre half forward whose ability to run and present all day is first-class. The same can also be said for Sam Anjou and Steph Defina in defence.

Notwithstanding the disappointment of the final scoreboard, these few individual efforts are emblematic of how the entire team ran out the game. It was evident we were undermanned, lacking experience and a bit of skill, but no one can be faulted for effort. Understanding and familiarity is developing amongst the playing group. It may not feel like it to them, but it’s obvious from the sidelines that our inexperienced players like SmittyRachaelIsy, Anna and Eva are all beginning to find their way. This will steadily develop and pay dividends, just like it did for the Reserves on Saturday.

The disappointment on Amelia’s face at the end of the game for not converting a couple of shots on goal is telling. It highlights all those great traits you want to see in players – the expectation to do better, to work harder to be better, and the desire to not want to let it happen again. Individually, and as a team, I think this resonates. With a week off, the chance for some sore bodies to recover, and a long season ahead everyone should be confident that we are heading in the right direction.

A big thanks to all who helped on the weekend – parents, siblings, friends and players for all chipping in with odd jobs. It is hugely appreciated.

Goal Kickers: R. Brazzale
Best Players: S. Defina, A. Robison, J. Sincock, S. Bangs, E. Defina, G. Opray

Ken Schwab
Women’s Coach

Men ReservesThe Wellers returned to GBO for Round 3 and played up on the top oval, in the late autumn sunshine. Despite a positive pre-match build-up in the warmup, the boys were slow out of the blocks and looked very reactionary in the face of a busy opposition. Too many caravans was the call from the fence and before we knew it, the margin was 3 goals to nil. Fortunately, young Will Kanz, fresh from a couple of games in the Seniors grabbed the initiative and forced his way through a crush of players to score our first goal, on the run, late in first.

The message from the bench was to stick to the plan, & most importantly turn our heads & look to open up the ground. The message was received & the were peppered (not always as accurately as we would like) & 5 goals 6 behinds were scored, with Mike Schuman in particular busy in the front half, either hitting up high to meet the mids efforts or rolling back hard around goal getting to some dangerous spots. Harry Crothers also lifted his work rate & set the standard for the afternoon by laying a couple of hard, but fair hits on the opposition that made them move a bit slower in his direction. These efforts were topped off by a couple of valuable goals late in the quarter as well.

The lead at the long break was 5 points, and the boys hit the ground running, ready to face any challenge presented. As a sign of their coming together playing systematic, organised footy they were able to score 6 straight, with Schuey finding the big sticks another 3 times, complemented by his partner in crime, Will Dalrymple who chimed in with a couple himself.

With a couple of injuries, inhibiting the team’s ability to rotate as freely as was the case earlier in the game, the boys were starting to feel the pinch, couple with the heat of the afternoon. The Hoers weren’t to be denied & they threw everything at us, only to be saved by some great defensive marking, in particular EastickUrwin Mann who all are highly capable readers of the incoming ball and capable enough of taking strong contested marks, when the situation demands.

Overall, a strong team effort, one that certainly caught our opponents by surprise with our ball movement and our attack on the player in possession. A great effort to run out winners by 30 points, generated from a 50 point turnaround. This bodes well for the future & has ensured that a number of players have put their names forward to be considered for senior selection.

Congratulations go out to Charlie Urwin, who has accepted the role of Reserves XV111 Captain for the season. A well deserved appointment , & we are all certain that he will lead from the front and continue to be fine contributor to the team effort!

Goal Kickers: M. Schumann 4, A. Parker 3, H. Crothers 2, W. Dalrymple 2, B. Williams, T. Vogel, W. Kanz, T. Pepperell
Best Players: H. Crothers, M. Schumann, W. Dalrymple, A. Bongiorno, W. Kanz, A. Parker

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coaches