Round 3 Review – A Mixed Bag

Great family day with mix bag of results!

Our first Super Saturday kicked off at 8.00am given the Women’s Team started at 9.20am. I arrived early and was greeted to some pounding hip hop coming from a small hatchback jammed packed with what looked like half the Hawthorn Women’s Team. As they sat there singing away and no doubt waking up a few weary souls across North Balwyn, I reflected on how our game and club has changed recently. And it’s fantastic!

Of course I’d love to always write about 4 wins from 4 but that’s not always going to happen. Losing is a part of football just as winning is but how we respond and what we stand for as a Club is what ultimately matters. Don’t read this the wrong way – I love to win and if you asked any of my former teammates, they may allude to a few incidents that would imply I hate losing. But if I’ve learnt one lesson from sport and business it’s that you will always deal with adversity – soak it up, calm yourself and get better from the loss. The beauty of football is you have the next game to put this right! I’ve no doubts our Seniors and Reserves are already looking forward to this Saturday.

What’s amazing about having 4 teams is we’ll usually be celebrating as well and what a superb weekend for our Under 19s and Women’s teams. The Match Reports are great and as you’ll read, the Women’s Team have qualified into Division 2 or effectively C Grade. Congratulations girls. I’ve attached a link here with the divisions below –

The Under 19s winning 2 in a row is also huge. Our group is young and their confidence is growing week by week.

Finally and importantly, our volunteers (especially boundary umpires this week!) and supporters were sensational. So many people pitched in and helped and it was wonderful to see ex-players and their kids kicking the footy and taking in the game and post match. I’ll update with the social function calendar this Friday but needless to say we’ll be putting on more egg and bacon rolls and would love to
see you all again.

Go Wells!


For full match reports, please click here: