Round 4 Review

It’s not often you get a ‘first’ for a football club that’s been around for almost 60 years but it is with great pleasure that I can announce we have one! Our Senior Women’s Team recorded an inspirational win against Old Xavarians’ notching up Old Cambewell’s first win over our eastern suburbs neighbour. This group is developing a ‘total football’ game style that will serve them well for the season and beyond. Congratulations on a history making Saturday.Our Under 23s again worked their socks off against a strong SKOBs outfit. As some of you may know, in this inaugural VAFA Under 23 competition, we have been pitted against some of the true powerhouse clubs of VAFA football – Old Xavarians, SKOBS, Old Scotch and St. Bernards. All have vast reserves of players, many experienced. Our side is a combination of Under 19s and senior players who are giving their all and developing plenty. Our club and these players will be better for it and results will come. Thanks again to Boyd Elliott who has taken on a huge role to coach the team. We are asking for past players to help Boyd wherever they can. It is a huge job he’s taking on and I’d love to hear from anyone who can offer their support. Runner, sponsor, assistant coach?I know how disappointed our other teams were after Saturday. Again, I know there was no lack of effort or endeavour. As you’ll read, we were competitive in all our games but couldn’t find the winning formula. It will come if we continue to work hard together. Now is the time to double our efforts and commit to each other. A week is a long time in football. I have huge belief in all of you.All teams are away this Saturday and I’m hoping to get around the grounds to take in the game and club we love. I look forward to seeing some of you and hopefully seeing even more of you at the Gala Ball.

Come on the Wells

Our Social Director Katherine Bithavas is continuing to power the club’s social calendar and we’re nearly 3 weeks away from our 2019 Gala Ball. As ever, early table bookings are hugely appreciated and we’ll publish further details again on Friday. Please read below for details and contact Katherine – 0424 345 605, Ben Ebbage – 0418 123 419 or myself – 0499 333 571 for details.

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Adam Kyriacou


Winter arrived on Saturday and it with it came a good reminder of the type of game needed to take on St Kevin’s Old Boays at their home ground.

We started with sensational intensity and in a matter of minutes Oliver had taken a strong overhead mark and slotted a confidence boosting goal early on. With a defensive set up and the desire to push forward at all costs and tackle, tackle and tackle with immense pressure, we held a polished St Kevin’s outfit to five goals in the first quarter.

Matt Tesoriero was as strong as ten men in defence with interceptions and run throughs all day, sensational performance. Tom Owen continued to get and run on many occasions to penetrate up forward and our midfield of GiomiGriffin and Phelps ran all day.

Continual tackles and pressure applied by Giomi and Augustes made the St Kev’s crew second guess when they were competing for the ball but we needed to work on manning up loose players and kicking accuracy which cost us dearly.

One of the highlights of the third quarter was the grab and run out of the centre bounce by Mascitelli which was inspirational all day.

We battled to the final siren and played tough defensive footy and we can hold your heads high as everyone gave it everything we had. While the scores aren’t what we’d like, we’re developing enormously and enjoying the challenge that brings.

Looking forward to our next contest against Whitefriars this Saturday and thanks also to the continued support of Craig Sampson and Glenn Oliver for assisting on the day.

Goal Kickers: J. Oliver
Best Players: M. Tesoriero, T. Owen, D. Hudson-Mollard, D. Augustes, F. Mascitelli, F. Sampson

Boyd Elliot
U23 Coach

Women Seniors

Returning home to take on second placed Old Xaverians on Saturday,  our team were keen to maintain our momentum and ensure we won the first quarter.

In rainy conditions we started the game with genuine attack at the ball and a focus on being in front at the contest which ensured we had opportunities in our forward line. Our backline was rock solid with Steph Defina, Ana Smith, Tracy Lam, Kara White, Edie Kaehne, Rosie Strasser and Alex Herrington repelling any forward entries by the opposition and limiting their ability to impact the scoreboard as we again held the opposition scoreless.

The second term saw our midfield get first use of the ball at the contest and our forwards were in front to capitalize as we put on a 3 goal to 1 quarter. With quick ball movement and clean possessions around the contest, despite the physical pressure from the opposition, we maintained our composure and worked to move the ball traffic.  Lou Anderson, Steph Elovaris, Amelia Robison, Sara Fortunato, El Defina, and Ash Anjouworked hard in the forward line to present and provide options to the midfield which saw us take a 19 point lead at half-time.

After the main break we doubled down to ensure we stayed strong. Despite Old Xavs’ kicking the first goal of the quarter the team rallied to kick the next one on the scoreboard and then held strong through the quarter despite the oppositions hard work and physical pressure.  The work of Rachel BrazzaleIzzy Burke and Georgia Opray with 2 way running enable us to cover the ground well, while Maggie Wilson, Sophie Bangs, Rhiannon GreenGabi OprayClare Wilson and Sam Anjou were relentless at stoppages around the ground and Emma Todd and Anna Sallows rucked tirelessly provide contest after contest.

We continued our strong defensive after the final change, holding Old Xavs’ scoreless for the quarter whilst managing to convert one goal and unlucky to not have another couple given our forward entries.  To end up winning by 30 points against quality opposition was a pleasing result as was putting together 4 quarters.

Ultimately,our ability to get to the contest, spread, be in front combined with all our players contributing and focusing on their roles helped us walk away with the 4 points and a 4 quarter performance. El Defina converted her opportunities up forward finishing with 4 goals, Rhiannon Green 1 goal and Ash Anjou 1 goal.

Thanks to all the supporters, parents and players that helped out throughout the day it continues to keep the team motivated and is appreciated the numbers in the weather.Our next game we take on tough opposition in St Bedes Mentone at Brindsi Oval in Mentone and we are ready for the challenge.

Goal Kickers: E. Defina 4, R. Green, A. Anjou
Best Players: E. Defina, S. Bangs, M. Wilson, C. Wilson, R. Green, A. Smith

Alex MacKenzie
Women’s Senior Coach

Women Reserves

No report this week.

Goal Kickers: G. Smith
Best Players: P. Stoyles, S. Chaplin, L. Hamilton, E. Fuller, M. Sloane , N. Strickland

Stef AnjouWomen’s Reserves Coach

Men Reserves

This week we returned to GBO for our Round 4 clash against the recently promoted Hampton Rovers. With plenty to play for after two big losses against the pre-season Flag favourites, we looked forward, positively to an opportunity to match it with the Rovers, who whilst having one more win than us were only 1 goal ahead of us on the goal scoring capability.

We were able to celebrate Oly Lloyd’s 100th game with the Club on the day as well. Congratulations Oly, you have been a wonderful servant of the Club, a pleasure to coach, and your desire to win every contested opportunity makes you extremely hard to beat in a one on one scenario!

Significant ins for the match included Ben Ebbage playing his first match for the Club for this season. Both Vickers & Lloydey came back to the Twos to strengthen up the team after time spent in the Ones.

After a delayed and slightly protracted start, in wet conditions (Rain in Melbourne – what’s that?) the boys started strongly kicking 2 goals to match their opponents with confident ball movement and a team approach to defence.

Unfortunately, after the first break, again we struggled to impact the scoreboard with the opposition racking up 3 goals to our 1. Disappointing most certainly as we struggled to adapt to the conditions, were consistently outpointed by an opponent who were more keen to ensure that they dominated the Contested Possession aspect of the match. We over ran the footy, slipped over when it counted and fumbled too often when it counted. I remain buoyed by the boys preparedness to get to the ground on time, which is something that I will be keen to see remain in place for the remainder of the season.

I remain confident that we are on the right path and look forward to seeing the boys back out on the track this work working on the game style.

Goal Kickers: G. Tolson, M. Jenkin, Z. Herbstreit, T. Vogel
Best Players: T. Vogel, A. Bongiorno, J. Huntsman, L. Campbell, O. Lloyd, C. Gorman

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach

Men Seniors

Following some beautiful early season weather we were greeted with some real footy weather for Saturday’s home game against Hampton Rovers. A drenching shower just prior to the opening bounce led to wet and slippery conditions, which would mean an adjustment to our game plan.

Hampton burst out of the blocks registering a major within 30 seconds of the start. A dour struggle ensued, and whilst James Allen, Sam Boyceand Robert West kept the ball moving forward, a lone goal to Dave McColl was all we had to show for it.

Trailing by a goal at quarter time, the boys were confident of pushing ahead with the breeze in the second quarter. And although the ball spent a lot of time in our forward half, we were unable to convert, adding 1.6 for the term, with Andrew Parker converting after some fluent ball movement.

The third quarter saw Hampton skip away, despite some resolute defence from Simon Bennett and Rob Vienet. A big effort would be required to reverse the 25 point deficit.

Nick Latsas won some early clearances in the last quarter but again, despite controlling the game, we could not score. Finally, at the ten minute mark, James Allen snapped an inspirational goal, which brought hope to the Old Camberwell supporters. But Hampton defended stoutly, and we could not capitalise on our territorial dominance, falling short by 24 points.

49 Inside 50’s to Hampton’s 33 indicated we had plenty of opportunities, but we were unable to convert. We will work on this aspect of our game during the week in a bid to get back to winning ways next Saturday against a tough opponent in Ormond.

Goal Kickers: A. Parker, D. McColl, J. Allen, J. Holding
Best Players: J. Allen, R. West, D. McColl, S. Bennett, W. Kanz, R. Vienet

Anson Brownless
Men’s Senior Coach