Round 6 Review

Ressies bounce, Seniors and Unders miss. Get behind your Wellers this weekend!

With our Women’s Teams having a well earned bye, it was over to the Men to fly the flag for The Wellers last Saturday at GBO.

I would expect (and hope) that some of you who read this newsletter will be wondering about the form of our Seniors, particularly after such a bright start to the season and I’d like to address this now.

Firstly, I have not heard one single player make any excuses for their performances. Each week, the side picked has given their absolutely all to find a way to win in challenging circumstances. The reality is that we have been hard hit by injury. The coaches and players do not offer this as an excuse but it needs to be acknowledged that we currently have 10-12 established Senior players unavailable through injury. This will stretch the resources of any club.

What you (and I) will be pleased to know is that everyone is working hard. Our sense of unity is strong, our physio partners Peak Physio are working overtime, our captain Simon Bennett and vice-captain Jimmy Allen are leading brilliantly and we are doing what it takes to address the situation. The effort and intensity is there and with that will come results. VAFA footy and Premier C is highly competitive. There are no easy games at this level and we’ll fight through this tough patch together.

Brilliantly, after some disappointing defeats belying their talent, our Ressies thundered back onto the winners list with a resilient display on Saturday. As Tim writes, the result was fantastic as is the involvement of several club legends including previous Seniors Best & Fairest winner Damien McGuigan and 200 gamer Greg Tolson. Having them and others back involved with OCGAFC is sensational. Also pleasing to see our podcasters Bonj and Pep leading the way in our best.

Our Under 23s again gave a highly competitive performance against Old Brighton, ultimately running out of steam in the last quarter but showing they can play good, strong football. Their improvement across the season so far is a testament to them and Boyd who has taken on his first coaching role. How lucky are we to have the great man with our club. Thank you again Boydy.

While the Seniors weren’t able to manufacture a win against a desperate and highly motivated PEGS, David McColl’s best on ground performance was brilliant to see along with the performances of first year player Tom Oliver and our leadership group who give their all week in week out.

Now is the time to redouble our support for the boys, get down to a game and support our football club and bring home the mighty Wells.

Come on the Wells.Adam Kyriacou


Our Social Director Katherine Bithavas is a LEGEND! We are now official SOLD OUTand have a whopping 209 people joining us for our 2019 Gala Ball. Thanks again to everyone who has bought tickets to support the footy club. It’s hugely appreciated. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday night for what will be an absolute belter.


It was another sensational day at the Barnard and a perfect one for football and we were gunning for a win against Old Brighton at our home ground.
We started superbly and scored two goals early in the first through Upton and Oliver. Our defence as holding up beautifully and our intensity through Tan, Giomi and Brebner- Griffin was sensational.

Hudson-Mollard continued to present all across the ground taking contested marks while Sampson played a captain’s game covering the ground and contributing all day.
We continued the drive forward with a goal from strong overhead marks from MacCallum taking us into half time 5 points down. The decision to take another step up was taken by all and MacCallum slotted another two to make it four goals for the day.

Tesoriero played like ten men across the backline and Phelps took a freight train hit on the members wing that would make a grown man cry but shook it off and went back into contest across the middle.

Mascitelli, Lucas and Anjou started the last quarter with a swift centre clearance but after that, we dropped our heads and failed to score in the last quarter, going down by 26 points.

Woods and Schumann took marks all day and pushed forward at all costs but it has been the last quarters that we need to correct if we are to step it up against the stronger teams.

Our intensity and endeavour were faultless by all as was our drive up forward. Manning up in our forward line really hurt us in the final stages but it was another improved performance for the team with real spirit shown throughout. Congratulations on a good effort. We’re making progress every week.

Goal Kickers: C. MacCallum 4, R. Upton, J. Oliver
Best Players: C. MacCallum, F. Sampson, M. Tesoriero, D. Hudson-Mollard, J. Tan, F. Mascitelli

Boyd Elliot
U23 Coach

Women Seniors

Bye last weekend.

Alex MacKenzie
Women’s Senior Coach

Women Reserves

Bye last weekend.

Stef AnjouWomen’s Reserves Coach

Men Reserves

Despite having a number of players unavailable through promotion, injury or unavailability, our player numbers are such at this stage that we remain capable of putting out a quality side on paper to represent the mighty Wellers jumper.

That being said, we have done that a number of times recently and struggled to kick a score. This week saw the return of some past Club stalwarts who have put their hands up to be part of another crack at success in 2019. I speak of Damo McGuiganSteve Warr who have joined Greg TolsonNick Searles and Dom La Fontaine, all of whom have contributed in their own ways to the success and strength of the club over the past 10+ years.

A fast track, great weather and a team ready to go helped put the Coach in a confident frame of mind that today we were going to kick a score, having only managed 17 goals for the past 4 matches, where we were averaging going Inside 50, 8 times before scoring!!

The team can tackle, the Mids are effective at getting the ball clear from Stoppages. We simply have a struggle scoring! The boys jumped out of the blocks and put 4 goals on the board in very quick succession, only to surrender 3 late goals to the opposition, once they had got over the shock that we could actually play!

Q.2 was a struggler for us where inaccuracy in front of goal saw us score a solitary goal and 5 points to PEGS’ 4 goals. Our efforts were cruelled somewhat by us conceding 2 Free Kicks around goal, combined with 50 metre penalties for some undisciplined play by our boys.

Coming into the long break 5 points down, the message was set out loud and clear. Attack the ball, run hard and straight at it, don’t wait for it and when you get it do something effective with it! We all know how to play the game. It simply takes confidence in one’s own ability to take the necessary chances when it’s your turn. Our play opened up, the ball was shared around with great effect and the scoreboard very quickly picked up tempo and we jumped out to a 20 point lead at ¾ time. And, we kept the boys from Keilor to a solitary behind scored for the quarter.

The boys knew they were in a strong position to take the points and simply refused to take the foot of the pedal. They continued to score at the same rate as the previous quarter finishing off strongly and scoring another 4 goals for the quarter.

A very satisfying victory, after the frustrations of the past 4 weeks, for all involved. 9 goal scorers for the match, Midfielders kicking goals, the Defenders receiving great support from their midfield. Effective entries going forward … ahh be still my beating heart!!!

We now look forward to heading across town to Albert Park to meet Ajax, this coming Saturday having come down from Premier B this season.

Goal Kickers: C. Young 2, N. Searles 2, M. Jenkin 2, M. Todd 2, G. Tolson, B. Williams, S. Clark, N. Russell, A. Bongiorno
Best Players: A. Bongiorno, G. Tolson, C. Young, N. Searles, D. La Fontaine, T. Pepperell

Tim Killworth
Men’s Reserves Coach

Men Seniors

A beautiful day greeted us for the home clash against PEGS, who had yet to register a win this season.  John Huntsman came in for his first game for the year, and Oliver Lloyd returned to the line-up, as injury and unavailability began to test our depth.  And Nick Latsas took the field for the 150th time for Old Camberwell – a fine achievement.  Well done Nick, we hope there are many more to come.

OCGAFC started brightly, with Fraser Wells the beneficiary of a PEGS error, kicking our first goal for the game.  Sadly this proved to be our only goal for the quarter, while PEGS quicker ball movement to an open forward line put pressure on our backs, with three goals the result.

We were able to halve the second quarter, with Matt Powell kicking three goals in a ten minute burst.  Our midfield, led by James AllenChris Hensby and Fraser Wells, were getting on top, and although still 13 points down at halftime, the game was in the balance.

As we know, bad kicking is bad football, and this was clearly evident in the third quarter.  Despite controlling general play, we added 1.6 for the quarter.  PEGS made the most of their opportunities to add 4.2 and turn for home with a 27 point advantage.

Dave McColl moved into the middle at the beginning of the last quarter, and had an immediate impact, continually driving the ball forward.  Despite goals to KaiserWells and Powell, PEGS were able to answer the challenge, and add three goals of their own, to run out winners by 30 points.  A disappointing end to a day when we were unable to produce our best football – skill and execution errors cost us dearly.

At 2 wins and 4 losses we are in the same situation as last year, when we went on to win 7 games in a row.  So the turnaround must start now.  Players need to make that extra effort to get to training on time and lift the intensity if we want to make the necessary improvements.

Goal Kickers: M. Powell 4, F. Wells 2, S. Kaiser, S. Bennett
Best Players: D. McColl, C. Hensby, M. Powell, C. Wilson, J. Allen, F. Wells

Anson Brownless
Men’s Senior Coach